Digicel does it best

Digicel rep demonstrates new Z10 for customers.
Digicel rep demonstrates new Z10 for customers.

Compare and buy the best. That’s the advice of Digicel to customers caught on the new BlackBerry Z10 craze, for the device that was only released by them to local markets yesterday.

Marketing Executive, Randy Howard, said yesterday at one of the launch locations at DigiCentre, Sheraton Mall, Christ Church that interest so far had been good. He charged though that there were offers on the market for the phone that customers should weigh carefully in making the decision on purchase.

“We have the best value at the best prices. There are others out there who would say come and purchase this phone at this reduced price, but I would like customers to look at what they are paying for in the long-run,” he said, adding that Digicel had one flat price for the device rather than over a period of years.

“People need to look at their budgets, look at what they can afford and make the right decision,” he said.

The launch of the phone at Sheraton was accompanied by inhouse Blackberry specialists who were demonstrating the phone to customers, along with DJs spinning tunes.

Howard said in addition to the Sargeant’s Village location, there were simultaneous launches taking place in all six DigiCentres, with specialists present in three of the outlets.

He explained that the launch of the device has revolutionised the BlackBerry in Barbados, offering faster speeds than ever seen before.

“It is a new Blackberry 10 operating system which is the fastest and most advanced system that BlackBerry has ever produced and it [marks] their resurgence into the BlackBerry world.

“Everybody has been wondering for the last couple years, what is BlackBerry doing, what they’re going to come with next, but we were getting information about this from last year. So we never had any fears because we knew it would come. That’s why we are their preferred partner in Barbados.

“Due to the fact that we have a very strong relationship with RIM, the customer relationship with our BlackBerry data centre which they fully support, as well as our BlackBerry Doctor which they also fully support by making sure they are fully trained, they have all the information they need that they can speak to the customers authoritatively,” said the marketing executive. (LB)

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