Too entitled to pay VAT?

The Bar Association already has been elevated, (by divine provenance, we presume) above us mere mortals, and mere tax-payers, and enjoy special privileges as enshrined in our Constitution.

Thus, arguably, these “super-citizens”, are protected against many of the “slings and arrows” of daily life, which we mere mortals must endure. We pay VAT on everything, perhaps with the exception of breathing, and we happily drive Almeras, and Corollas, and Suzukis, whilst Benzes, Beemers, and other big rides glide smoothly by, deftly piloted by certain folks who can afford such.

Mr. Editor, you really telling me, that these esteemed members of this vaunted profession can’t pay a little VAT on the pittance required by law to keep their Constitutional privileges intact, and valid? What else do they feel entitled to? A solid gold invitation, personally signed by God, and duly sworn before the Supreme Court registrar, to catch a direct, non-stop chartered flight to Heaven, at any date and time of their choosing?

Or perhaps, we could amend our Constitution, to make it clear that their Bar fees are waived?

— Tony Webster

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