New hospital waiting for Gov’t approval

by Shawn Cumberbatch

Even before the first brick on its construction site is laid, waiting time is turning out to be a factor for the $200 million medical facility which will replace the St. Joseph Hospital.

About 30 doctors, most of them from the United States, have signed on to provide patient care at the new American World Clinics hospital to be built in St. Peter, but it’s developers are awaiting Government’s permission to get started.

When news of the AWC venture was announced in July 2011, it was originally expected to be completed and operational around June or July this year, but it is now unlikely to be opened to patients before 2015.

AWC President Robert Priddy, fresh from announcing plans last week for establishment of a similar project in the Bahamas, told Barbados TODAY his organisation was keen to start “as soon as possible”, but needed the Freundel Stuart Administration to approve some plans, including the “financial structure” for the AWC Barbados undertaking.

“With hopes of Barbados representing the AWC flagship location, the AWC team, HDR Architecture, DCK World Wide general contractors and National Standard Finance, are all ready to move forward on the Barbados project, and anticipate the ability to break ground within 90 days of receiving approval from the Government of Barbados,” the American hospital administrator said.

“The financial structure and organisation of the AWC project requires Cabinet approval first, followed by a parliamentary vote… at least that is our expectation. Our desire is to get underway as soon as possible.”

AWC officials have been bringing a number of medical practitioners from overseas here over the past couple years to get them interested in signing on to provide their services at the new hospital, which will be targeting mainly foreign patients as part of a major medical tourism drive for the island. New information showed that about 30 doctors were now on board “a growing list of physicians” being utilised by AWC.

Those who have already signed up have practices in various areas, several of them related to surgery. These included obstetrics, gynecology, emergency medicine, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, general surgery, oculoplastic surgery, radiology, cardiology, and family medicine.

The doctors are currently based mainly in the US from Texas, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Indiana, Virginia, and Arizona, as well as Denmark and Canada.

The developers of the new medical facility on the 21.5 acre site St. Peter site which has been leased from Government, said the project’s “centerpiece” a surgical specialty hospital with 12 operating rooms to serve both international medical travelers and local patients in the Caribbean region.

It will have 60 inpatient beds, Intensive Care Unit capabilities, an interventional lab, and state of the art facilities for diagnostics and therapeutics. They also said that multidisciplinary clinic space, including dental and concierge medicine, will be located adjacent to the hospital.

3 Responses to New hospital waiting for Gov’t approval

  1. Clyde Layne April 23, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    American World Clinic Hospital.
    I hope that the old QEH will still be in operation.
    When we hear the words American and Hospital in the same sentence,next we hear Money and Suffering.
    American Doctors coming.
    I still believe that the QEH should be refurbished at a lower cost and could a jewel in the Caribbean.
    Now we can use an American Developer.
    Why spend money we don’t have?

  2. MARILYN PARRISH June 15, 2013 at 1:08 am

    You will need a awesome Endo Tech with expertise and very experienced with the equipment and most importantly the scopes.
    I am a great organizer in getting rooms ready for equipment and patients and training new help.

    I assist all Dr’s with procedures, biopsies and cleaning/disinfecting of the scopes and resetting the room for the next case.

    I would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience; and kindly submit a resume’.

    Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of employment with your new Hospital. Best of luck to you all as you complete this exciting phase in your country.


    Marilyn Parrish
    Endoscopy Technician

  3. Brimstone June 15, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    I wonder if this is some sick joke. It seems hospital related so it must be. I would like to know the benefits for Bajans? We already have free healthcare as Bajans and to the best of my knowledge all healthcare in America directly or indirectly has an associated cost.
    Here is a bit of insight. ALL Americans filing taxes for the tax year 2013 who have no insurance coverage will fall into a higher tax bracket. Are we beginning to see a picture emerging???
    Will our poor and indigent Bajans be given free service at this eutopian leviathan of medical services??? I doubt it.
    Will they send our people for training in America??? Who will be the main clients that will be their source of revenue??? Will the government impose taxes as per any other corporate business???
    We also need to understand that the multinational status of this corporation means that some clients can pay for services abroad and simply receive the treatment here with the government receiving fo revenue from the transaction.
    Our only benefit would be for daily operations only, as opposed to the very lage fees associated to healthcare overseas. Feel free to tell me I am wrong, and then show me the regional and domestic peoples who can pay the high fees that will be associated with this venture.
    If this is an investment, then the emphasis should be on receiving a commensurate benefit for its operation in our country. When Walmart develops a new store in a district, it is charged with uplifting the surrounding environment, let us attach the same measures to our own infrastructure development policies. They will need to offer advance tech training to our indiginous people who will improve our society and forget the lucid second comment in this article.


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