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Preparing for the CEE

After a couple of weeks on vacation, many of the senior Cub Scouts will be returning to school so they could put the finishing touches on their Mathematics and English before the Common Entrance Examination.

This exam will see many of them joining their friends in this “one shot exam” for a placement at one of the secondary schools in Barbados. In Scouting, the programme has always sought to practically engage the entire person.

To this end, it is normal that in the face of these pressure times for the Cubs, many of the Leaders will engage the boys in short camps so they would not be burnt out by the time the exam comes around. It is very rewarding to hear the boys and the parents speak of the impact Scouting would have had on their sons in the preparation for this exam. We know that they will do their best because they are well prepared following their Scout Motto.

Preparing for District Competition Camp

WOW! These Scouts really take this thing very serious. On Saturday the Scouts from the Hazelwood Scout Group were very busy at Headquarters fine tuning their culinary skills to engage the other members of the Troops in the Bridgetown District at this annual District Competition camp.

From the aroma of highly seasoned grilled fish, chicken and potatoes and all the other delicacies, these boys, under the supervision of their Scout Leader, Steven Hinds were hard at work. Wrapping those things to be cooked in foil, roasting on open flames, it seemed from watching the Scouts they were determined to be successful when the camp comes around. Everyone was working like a well oiled machine.

It is certain that by the end of the day they were rewarded with excellent end products and certainly a fantastic feast. Good luck at the competition camp.

Prepare the coals for the exercise.

Foil packets cooking on the coals

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