The final chapter

comissiongatcourtThe final chapter in the more-than-three-year long immigration detention of Cuban ex-drug convict, Raul Garcia is likely to be written on Tuesday afternoon in the Supreme Court of Barbados.

His lead attorney-at-law, David Comissiong said this afternoon at the end of another hearing before Justice Margaret Reifer, that the judge had examined the final four persons, he was proposing to provide alternative living accommodation for Garcia. He said Justice Reifer has adjourned the case until Tuesday at 2.30 p.m., when she would most likely give her final ruling on the living arrangements proposed.

He said the only other thing the judicial officer had asked of him, was to provide a document on what his client’s living expenses would be. The lawyer assured that this information would be submitted to the court at least by tomorrow, adding that by Tuesday, Justice Reifer would have all the information she required, so she could determine whether or not she was satisfied with Garcia’s anticipated housing.

“I don’t know if the judge will make her decision immediately or not,” pointed out Comissiong. He disclosed that one family which was ready and willing to house Garcia lived in St. Michael and another in St. John. The persons proposed, he continued, comprised a husband and wife and a female householder. The fourth person involved would be responsible for monitoring his client’s new residence to make sure the necessary conditions were maintained.

Comissiong again expressed frustration at the length of time it was taking for this matter to concluded, especially considering that the former convict had already served his 20 year sentence and continued to remain in detention for three years, one month and counting.

The case has reached the current stage, after the judge ruled in an earlier sitting, that Garcia’s continued immigration detention was unlawful and that he could be released. †That decision was in keeping with the essence of Comissiong’s submission to judge. (EJ)

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