Take a breath!

Many of us suffer from a lack of oxygen!

Whether it’s from improper breathing, poor diets, air pollution or lack of exercise, the cells in our bodies are being deprived of this vital element. This lack results in the weakening of our immune system. Just think about it, when you feel overwhelmed, you usually sigh by taking a deep breath and release the tension.

Breath is life. Breathing is the essence of life. When we breathe, we inhale the external energy of one of the many gifts of life – air. Albeit becoming more and more polluted, we still need it to breathe and to live. The air we breathe is just as important as the water we drink. The average person can live without water (liquid) for three days, and only three minutes without air.

There are various techniques for breathing which are practiced in many yogini and martial arts systems. Deep, slow breathing executed by the extension of the stomach (like a pop belly) on each inhalation and the forcing out of the air on each exhalation (drawing the stomach inward towards your back), is one of the most common breathing techniques. This type of breathing supplies the lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, reproductive system and every cell in all the other organs of the body with the vital life force energy found in oxygen.

In the The Way of the Afrikan Jade Egg programme, breathing is also very important.

Pay attention to your breath

You should always pay attention to your breathing. By that I mean, taking the time to be aware of how you are breathing, and practise proper breathing until it becomes your normal way of breathing. Especially when faced with a challenging situation or encounter, listen to how you are breathing. Are you breaths faster and shorter? Or out of rhythm? Then, take a deep breath and slow your breathing pattern. This not only helps to calm you, but it allows the vital organs to get the necessary increased amounts of oxygen supply to get your through (otherwise, you may feel to pass out or you may actually pass out).

Kidney Breathing

Good, healthy kidneys are very important as they ensure the supply of the necessary hormones by the Adrenal glands (attached to the kidneys) which are regulating blood pressure, stress response and the inflammatory response. The kidneys serve the body as a natural filter of the†blood, and remove wastes which are diverted to the†urinary bladder.

Kidney breathing is done by directing your breaths towards the kidneys. By standing erect with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent, to start, you will visualize each breath being directed to the kidneys. Firmly place your right hand on your right kidney and take a deep breath, focusing the breath into the right kidney. Exhale your breath, releasing all the tension and any toxicity from the kidney. Then firmly place your left hand on your left kidney and repeat the breathing, focusing on the left kidney. Then repeat the process, focusing on both kidneys. You can take as many breaths as you need (at least three) until you feel your kidneys become warm with a tingly sensation vibrating through them (or your lower back).

Ovarian breathing

The ovaries maintain the health of the female reproductive system, and secrete two main hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Women tend to hold a lot of negative energies in our womb area, which often manifest in various female dis-eases of the reproductive system. By practicing ovarian breathing, you can maintain healthy ovaries and remove the stagnant energies trapped in your womb area. This is done by simply placing your open palms on your womb area, with the tips of middle fingers resting against the suspensory ligament of the Clitoris (right at the opening of the Mons Pubis) so that your forefingers and thumbs come together to form an upside down triangular shape over your womb area.

As you take a deep breath in, focus on your ovaries and direct the breath into them by visualizing the path. On the exhalation, push (visualising) the air down through your fallopian tubes, into your uterus, through your vaginal canal and out through your vaginal opening. With the exhalation, clear your entire reproductive system by releasing all the stress and toxicity of any stagnant energies which may reside there. If you suffer from any female dis-eases, you can boost this exercise with the recital of affirmations of good health. Repeat the practice as many times as you need (at least three times).

Yoni Breathing

The yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning sacred palace) is the crown jewel of woman. Often, as women, we don’t honour her as we should; and interestingly enough, men seem to revere her more than we do! Taking the time to allow her to breath is also very important for maintaining a healthy vagina. The vaginal canal has three muscle groups (see diagram) which are isolated during this practice of yoni breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply, you start by slightly contracting the muscles of the vaginal entrance. You then move the contractions to the middle muscles of the vaginal canal; and then finally the upper most muscles (closest to the cervix).

At first, it’s natural that you won’t feel as though you are doing anything – especially at the middle and upper muscles. Just continue to visualize the movements, and you may also squeeze and relax your folded fist as a means of added assistance. As you become more proficient with this practice, you will eventually be able to ripple your entire vaginal canal (like an internal belly dance) and move your canal walls from side to side and, back and forth as well.

Each of these practices can be done for at least five minutes a day (twice a day, would be better). As you feel more comfortable, you can gradually increase the length of time. If you own an Afrikan Jade yoni egg, you can also practice the Yoni Breathing with your egg inserted, if you desire.

Always remember to breathe … breathe for optimal life and health.

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