Electric fusion

entnexcyxatmahaliascornerThe place was Fusion, a romantically-lit restaurant with an earthy, natural decor. By the end of the show on Friday night, it was clear that this was more than the perfect venue for the latest installment of Mahalia’s Corner, featuring NexCyx alum Rochelle.

It was a beautifully eclectic fusion of fun, a few drinks, musical genres which was well seasoned with popular faces on the musical landscape, along with some up and coming talent.

The true delight of the night was Rochelle.

She began her set with sprinkles of Fairydust on an enchanted crowd, ushering in Saturday morning with her intricately delicate, highly underestimated voice. As she wove a tale of love with her music, stopping occasionally to chat with those who listened, it was hard to take your eyes off the stage.

In fact, the record should state that Rochelle’s rendition of Stay was times better than the original. No apologies.

The singer also lightened the vibe with soulful songs like Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. She used the opportunity the song provided to send out the message that “safe sex was sexy.” As per last season, the Government Information Service was a partner and the event was used to promote useful information on HIV and AIDS as well as contribute to the HIV/AIDS food bank.

Gracious hosts NexCyx prepared the stage for its former member. The recent winners of Ryan Seacrest’s Best Maroon 5 Cover contest playfully engaged the growing audience, with an array of originals like Nightclub Superheroes, Queen and Take A Minute, peppered with soulful treats like Let’s Stay Together.

After a short break, it was time for Open Mic. Both the voluntary and the volunteered blessed the space with spoken word pieces and their favourite songs. Better known for his soca stylings, Khiomal Nurse switched it up with colourful Ribbons in the Sky, while soca colleague Brett lamented mistakes made When I was Your Man, as almost everyone present sang along to the popular song.

The Corner continues next week. It is more than worth the visit. (LW)

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