Horse found near death

deadhorsefoundinstandrewResidents of Belleplaine, St. Andrew woke up to an upsetting sight of a horse, near death, in the road in their district last Saturday.

And while animal rescue officials were called to the scene, details still remain sketchy as to what transpired to result in the death of the animal.

Concerned parish resident, Peter Boos told Barbados TODAY that on Saturday morning while driving from his Cattlewash district around 7 a.m. he encountered the animal lying in the road.

“It was there near the playing field in Belleplaine, just before you reach the Sand Dunes Restaurant. It was really quite a shock because you would not expect to see a horse laying dead in the road,” said the noted entrepreneur and social commentator.

With his camera in the car, Boos said he took photos of the animal, while enquiring of residents as to whether anyone had details as to what had happened to the animal.

“No one seemed to know. People were just getting up and they too were surprised to see it,” he stated, adding that while he had posted photos he had not personally contacted animal welfare authorities here.

Wayne Norville of the RSPCA, confirmed that they were contacted by someone who passed while the animal was lying in the road, but still alive.

“Unfortunately it passed away before we got there. We talked to people in the area but we still don’t know if it was struck or what happened,” said Norville.

He said residents had said the horse would be seen roaming the district, mainly in the bushes and from time to time would venture down to the road, but beyond that there were no details as to ownership.

In recent weeks there had been several local incidents where the animal welfare unit has been called to rescue ill-treated or endangered horses, with an incident late last month where a former race horse with sores was rescued from an open area in Christ Church, and another recently where fire officials and others were involved in the rescue of a horse from an open drain near the Globe Cinema in the City.

Recently as well, Norville had called for former and present owners of horses to be held accountable for their upkeep and welfare. (LB)

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  1. kajol April 17, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    both the persons in possession of the horses and those who own them legally should be brought to justice for the unfair treatment of these ever so gentle and loyal creatures; simply because they are living beings who depend on us for care, they feel, breathe, eat, hurt and love just as we do and they do nothing to merit treatment. We know these people are doing the things they are doing to the animals but what is worse is the procrastination of the relevant authorities to step in and handle the situations appropriately, if at all. Then again, Barbados is not a place that is big on animal care and rights as a priority – afterall, they are just unreasoning animals who live to die – sad i say just SAD. 🙁

  2. kajol April 17, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    * correction to the above statement – “they do nothing to warrant such unfair treatment.”

  3. Petra Bellamy May 30, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    It is a crime on both parties, the legal former owner and the people in which care those horses are given. What is wrong with those people? What is wrong with this Country??? I thought we are a developing Country and not a Third World Country! But we seem to go backwards with our attitude in regards to animals in general. Not only horses. When I see any animal left in the fields with no water and a short rope with no ability to move freely, I can only say that this is brutal practice on this island. It needs to stop by putting out laws and by following up by enforcement. Otherwise people will continue to do what they have been doing freely for decades…be cruel to animals. It all comes down to “no self-respect” and no respect for other living beings. I think that those cases, each one of them should be posted in the media including the name of the person who was responsible for the animal. Exposure and justice is what I am calling for.


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