Star-studded spectacle

by Leigh-ann Worrell

Ne-Yo’s got the Midas touch.

neyoshitlessinbim2013Whether he was holding the ladies in a soulful embrace before switching it up to dole out love advice to the guys or whipping Holder’s Hill into an EDM-fuelled rave, the Sexy Love singer struck gold.

Headliner of the annual CHUM FM 104.5 Breakfast in Barbados concert on Sunday night, the Arkansas native whirled across the stage at 10:25 p.m. and for the hour that ensued, it was hit after hit, leaving none of his five studio albums untouched.

Dressed in all black with white sneakers, Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Smith, began the set with popular dance hit Let’s Go expertly moving into his verse of Knock U Down – a collaboration with Kanye West and Keri Hilson.

Most of the Grammy winner’s time on stage was dedicated to the ladies and the R&B ballads they came out to hear including Mad, Ms. Independent, One in a Million, Because of You and his first single So Sick.

However, the crooner made sure the large, captivated audience were Realising Every Dream on Sunday evening with Don’t Make ‘Em Like You, Carry On and club anthem Let Me Love You, the song that ended the night to piercing screams and encore calls.

Ne-Yo’s musical talents were not the only ones which shone bright on Sunday night. His Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves were just as smooth as his singing.

Rocking a wry smile, Ne-Yo was a big flirt with the ladies who requested he take his white tee off – which he did at the end of his set. True to international singing star form, Ne-Yo threw his coveted sunglasses, his tee-shirt and a few washcloths into the audience. Some ladies were so adamant about taking home a piece of the Closer singer with them, a fight broke among four girls over the tee-shirt.

Ravaughn, paved the way for the multitalented musician. The R&B singer is signed to Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment. Although her songs such as Better Be Good were unknown by those on the hill, she still gave a good showing and is sure to pick up some Barbadian and Canadian fans.

Nikki Williams also proved to be a voice to be reckoned with in the future. Kicking off the show around 8:10 p.m., she hit the ground running with her quirky pop songs and even the overworked but still popular Harlem Shake. Kill, Love, Marry will be a song to look for on the charts soon.

demilovatoinbim2013Demi Lovato’s fans were out in full force, however.

The Disney Channel alum showed she was more than another pop princess with an upbeat and heartfelt 45-minute performance.

Songs like Letting Go, That’s Just Me, Don’t Forget and the heavily rotated Heartbreaker and Skyscraper told deep stories of personal struggles, love and loss.

Those who came out to see her sang their lungs out to every line of every song, spellbound by her powerful stage presence. Demi Lovato also showcased her different musical sides as well – rocking out on guitar or playing the keys.

Even for those who did not know Demi’s music beyond a few songs, her lyrics were relatable and were set to unforgettable beats.

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