Reaching higher heights



“The heights of great men reached and kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight

But they while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward through the night.”

“Gill, Adams, Prescod, Bussa, O’neal, Springer, Payne, Walcott, Sobers, Barrow”

The surnames of the National Heroes of Barbados (persons who have achieved the highest honour a country can give) and from which the Sixes of the camp took their names.

The Theme of the District Camp

The Southern District of the Barbados Boy Scouts converged on the grounds of the Princess Margaret Secondary School in St. Philip to conduct its annual District Camp. This event took place from Thursday April 11 to Monday April 15, 2013. With the Scouts arriving on the Thursday afternoon, excitement and eager anticipation was in the air as they prepared to be fully engaged in the activities which the Leaders had planned for their duration at camp.

Activities were plenty. One of the memorable activities was the bus ride to the East Point also known as Ragged Point Lighthouse. On the way to the lighthouse, the boys had to be observant as they were required to pay attention to the many things along the way in general and at the Lighthouse specifically.

On the grounds of the Ragged Point Lighthouse and under the supervision of their Leaders they undertook an exercise in map reading. For some of the Scouts, using the compass was an interesting and learning experience as they sought to get their bearings on their location.

Immediately following the map reading there was an open discussion on the use and reasons for lighthouses, while at the same time enjoying the beautifully scenery of the East coast of Barbados. This was exciting for many as they saw where there were on the map.

Following this, the scout party hiked from the light house to the dormant fishing village of Skeete’s Bay while enjoying the view and taking note of other places or objects of interest. However, before reaching Skeete’s Bay the scouts stopped at “Culpepper Island” which peaked their interest with some of them being fascinated by the one tree which stands on the island.

At Skeete’s Bay lunch was served while all enjoyed the cool Atlantic ocean breeze before the supervisor gave a brief tour of the market, explaining the reasons why the market was established the way it was and how fish was boned, gutted and cleaned in the market.

Other activities saw the camp going on familarisation tours through the districts before returning to camp where Constable Thompson from District C Police Station engaged the boys in a Law Awareness activity.

In attendance at the camp as well were the District Beaver Scouts who arrived the Saturday afternoon where a brief opening ceremony was conducted before journeying to King George V Memorial Park where they flew their kites. Visiting the camp was Annette Greene, a leader from the United States who shared aspects of scouting in the US.

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