Lending a hand

easterfoodhampersThe Vision of Optimist International, is to be recognised worldwide as the premier volunteer organisation that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential.

The Pride of Barbados Optimist Club, which was chartered on September 14, 2012, has adopted the St. Ambrose Primary School and is committed to tailoring projects and engaging in fund-raising ventures designed to “Bring Out The Best in Children” at the urban school.

The latest event related to the donation of Easter food hampers to ten families whose children attend the school. The idea originated with Vice President of PRIDE, Sandra Sealy.

“In light of the current economic recession, with children being home on holiday during the Easter break, I felt that some parents could do with assistance in the area of food stuff and general household items. I mentioned the idea to Ms. Andwele, Principal of St. Ambrose Primary School and she provided a list of families with greatest need.

“Donations were made by members of PRIDE, their families and friends and corporate Barbados, namely …, Super Centre Warrens and Hipac Ltd. The response was overwhelming.”

Andwele commented that the recipients were surprised to receive the food hampers, since such gestures were usually associated with Christmas. She remarked that one parent tearfully responded: “You don’t know how grateful I feel for this.”

The principal added that the parents truly appreciated the hampers and she was pleased with the support and interest which PRIDE has been providing to the school.

Since its inception in September 2012, PRIDE has been involved with several other projects at St. Ambrose Primary, including a weekly Reading Club, and the facilitation of training for the prefects in the school and a parenting workshop.

PRIDE, along with the other Optimist Clubs in Barbados, have also been ably assisted in its projects by Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, which has generously donated all proceeds from their Friday nights paid parking initiative.


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