Even longer wait

Attorney David Comission (centre) leading the team leaving the court after the hearing.
Attorney David Comission (centre) leading the team leaving the court after the hearing.

Cuban ex-convict Raul Garcia has to wait even longer for his possible release from more than three years of immigration detention.

His attorney-at-law David Comissiong said this afternoon that he was frustrated by the process, considering that his client had already spent 20 years in jail for his drug conviction and was still in detention for more than three years now.

When Garcia appeared in chambers this afternoon before Justice Margaret Reifer to hear her ruling on proposals submitted by Comissiong for his alternative living accommodation, Garcia’s anxiety heightened when the matter was adjourned until Thursday at 2.30 p.m., Comissiong reported.

The purpose of today’s sitting was for the judge to examine those persons who were proposing to be involved in the former drug convict’s alternative living arrangements.

In a previous sitting, Justice Reifer had accepted Comissiong’s submission that his client’s continued detention was unlawful and he could be freed, but that she needed to be satisfied with whatever arrangements were being put in place.

Comissiong said at the end of today’s in-camera session, that of the four people involved in his client’s accommodation, only one was extensively examined by the presiding judge. He said another one would undergo similar scrutiny on Thursday, but he was not certain how long that would take.

The lawyer noted that throughout the entire case, Garcia had not been heard. However, Comissiong told reporters he would like the judge to call him, so the court could hear from him for the first time.

Once he is freed from detention, he added, Garcia’s family would most likely come to Barbados to spend time with him privately, in an environment more conducive to a family setting. (EJ)††

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