Boss’ wife a nag

I know that you probably have tons of letters to answer but please give me some time.

I dislike my boss’ wife and before you think I have a sexual relationship with him, I don’t.

She doesn’t work with us but she’s always popping in to see what he’s up to.

Although they’ve been married for 25 years she behaves like an insecure witch and is always flashing her bling around.

When she comes in and sees a new face, she makes a beeline for the HR manager to find out who hired the new employee.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. She then goes over to that person’s desk and “introduces” herself. By that she let’s them know she’s “Mrs. S” and she helped build the company and he/she must be loyal to her.

If it’s a woman though, she gives them her dress code and then grills her to find out if she’s single, has children, etc. If she views the person as a threat then she tries to find ways to make them leave or have them fired.

Her husband ignores her and guides her out of the building as soon as he can.

She makes everybody uncomfortable and her husband says he can’t understand why she behaves this way.

He is not the flirty type and treats everyone with respect. If he has another woman he doesn’t let on and you can see the pain in his eyes when she makes the accusations.

We know because we can hear her screeching. He never raises his voice when he tells her to go home and do what she always does. He then closes his doors and hardly speaks to us for the rest of the day, which changes the mood of the office.

I found out though that she’s cheated on him a couple of times. It seems to me that she’s expecting him to do the same.

After all these years of marriage, why should she behave like this?

– M. C

Since Yuh Asked, MC, my initial reaction is to say to you to just ignore her and stay out of the relationship of your boss and his wife. I do not say that to offend you, because clearly you care. It is just that sorting out his marital challenges is his responsibility.

I would suggest tat when they have their quarrels and his mood changes, then you can be proactive in seeing that the office is understanding and that everyone gets on with his or her business so he does not have the additional pressure of dealing with a disgruntled staff.

If what you say is accurate, so far you have not had to bother about him firing or victimising anyone because of her insecurity — so he knows how to deal with her. Leave it there and let him do his things his way.

But I compliment you on being the caring type. Keep it up!

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