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Dear Diary,

pregnancydiariesI attended my third prenatal class on Saturday April 6th . I was really excited about going since I was unable to go due to work.

There was a change of scenery as the class was held at a new venue in Vauxhall, Christ Church and not in Strathclyde, St Michael. Class commenced at 9:30 and I was on time yipee, lol.

I was pleasantly surprise after seeing three of my old school mates who also part of the class and glowing if I may add (smile). The class was full which had me a bit nervous seeing that I was the only one present for the last 2 sessions.

Renee welcomed us and class began.

We started off with some warm up exercises which can be tedious when you’re eager to get your workout started and over with coming on to the late stages, but it’s an essential part of any exercise programme. These exercises also reduce the chances of injury to muscles and joints which are more vulnerable when the muscles are cold, and particularly during pregnancy.

We did our usual birth squats and kegel exercises, c-curve and leg stretches.

We then did some cardio and as usual I had to take breaks in between, the last thing you want to do is push your body when its asking for a break.

They were 4 mothers there who already had their bundles of joys and two expecting mothers; an old school mate and myself. At the end of class we introduced ourselves and engage in a short discussion on labour, breast feeding, stretch marks and foods that should be avoided particularly during pregnancy.

Some of the mothers describe their experience on giving birth as “not so bad” and believed that the prenatal classes are very helpful, on the other hand one mother said she had a rough time and she had to end up having a C-section done.

The next topic was stretch marks, I believe that stretch marks are one of mothers’ greatest fear, after having a pretty stomach which rocked in your two piece bathing suit no one wants it ruined by stretch marks.

Different types of oils, creams etc were mentioned e.g: Palmers Coco-Butter Cream for stretch marks, Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. One mother said when she saw the first set of stretch marks appear on her stomach she was very emotional and cried a lot.

These oils/creams should be applied after every bath on your breast, stomach and thighs to avoid stretch marks.

We moved on to breast feeding which is a very painful topic for me, as they explained that your breast can be very sore and it may be difficult at first to breast feed in the earlier stages. It also allows you to bond with your baby and as time goes by it becomes less painful and enjoyable.

Breast feeding can be very helpful when it comes to losing weight so it is very important to do so. It also helps your uterus to go back in place.

Foods that were mentioned that should be avoided were salty and spicy foods, bread and gassy foods/liquids e.g broccoli, cabbage, soft drinks etc these food when avoided can help eliminate air/gas.

I must say my class with the other mothers was really informative and enjoyable and I can’t wait to link up with them next class!!!!!!

Excited Mummy-to-be

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