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Laura Wallace
Laura Wallace

Today we begin a new column, Fitspiration.

This is about people who have taken the step towards a healthier choice or are on their way there.

Laura Wallace’s first step on this journey started on Sunday. She told LOVING ME it was something she wanted to do for a while as she was reaching a certain age and didn’t like how certain part of her body looked so she opted to go on a 7-day cleanse. So far she said she’s noticed some changes and she’s happy.

Day 1: The PlungeSFlbApril 7

Sooo I’m actually doing this. Just fruits and vegetables for the next seven days. This morning my son and I created a Tropical Delight smoothie. But by mid morning I was hungry. The pills were huge. I didn’t realise until I swallowed them. I have to take four a day. They look full of herbs and other stuff that’s good for you. I’m here just waiting for the release to take over.

For lunch I had a tossed salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots chopped with mint, thyme, marjoram and dill. On top of that I put some grilled plantains, onions, garlic, sweet peppers and celery. Then I did a shake that was from flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with some honey and bananas. It really filled me up. Then I snacked on some grapes which filled me up when I got hungry again.

Now my challenge is dinner. I am contemplating a tomato and celery soup to go along with my salad or I could eat at my favourite vegan restaurant, The Good Life. But that could be the reward for my good behaviour at the end of my seven day challenge. Day 2: WithdrawalSFlbApril 10

This morning breakfast went well. As I watched my son devour his pancakes and ham with lots of syrup and some of my fruit smoothie, I savoured the goodness of mine. It was like ying and yang. He stuffing his face happily with the pancakes and I drinking slowly, feeling each fruit, each veggie within the smoothie. At the end we were both satisfied.

I was speaking with my sistar, Kahfee, last night at the Good Life, while we were watching Wrestlemania. She wants to come on my journey with me. I told her that I feel aware, awake like on another plane of life now. Water is so precious to me. Connections are happening in my body and my mind, like I need to meditate or something. Even my skin feels different.

I’m looking at my stomach every minute now. I spoke with another beautiful person Michelle and she informed me that not only exercise will help me but also my way of eating. Yesterday, I entertained a guest for lunch and there was no starch or meat. We had the shakes with the grilled vegetable salad and for desert some beautiful red seedless grapes. Last night though the tomatoes at dinner were not that appetizing but the salad still rocked.

Now why am I calling this Withdrawal. This is not only a physical withdrawal that my body is going through with meat, fish and dairy. No! It’s also a social withdrawal. People look at you differently. Some will laugh and say you can’t be serious. Some will look at you with different eyes and a respect that you don’t often see. These are the ones that admire you and if they have the will power will take the journey with you. Others who are aware and who are awake are understanding and supportive as they guide you along their journey. And I haven’t mentioned him yet because I was waiting for the right time but Heru, thanks for your continued guidance and support. I am creating a love affair with these fruits and veggies; looking for the best ones in the market, finding sources and experimenting with new combinations.

Looking forward to the challenges which I’ll encounter this week and allowing them to make me. For lunch, I’m finishing off that smoothie but I feel like having a shake with oats, seamoss, guarana and almond milk to give me some energy. For dinner, I’m making some rolled flying fish for the family but I’m going to have a green smoothie with bananas, grapes, honey and spinach along with a leafy green salad with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and slivers of almond. Day 3: VisualisationSFlbApril 9

I was not happy today.

I was tired, nauseated and upset. My body was craving foods like chocolate, flour, starch and meat today. For dinner I just had a stir fry medley (pumpkin, baby spinach, carrots, plantain, green sweet peppers, some caramelised onions with garlic, a dash of ginger, soy sauce and lemon juice with mango. All of that on a bed of mixed lettuce drizzled with balsamic vinegar… Awesomeness.

Today, I realised that cantaloupe should be added sparingly to smoothie mixture. I’m waiting for it to get cold so that I can drink it. Plus it looks kind of green. For lunch I had a simple salad with black olives and pumpkin seeds drizzled with mango chipotle dressing. My husband thinks that these dressings nullify the fact that I am eating salad and that it defeats the purpose. What he fails to realise it that it is my coping mechanism in getting my servings of leafy greens in my system. I also had some tomato salsa on the side.

Breakfast was lovely with a fruit smoothie of bananas, pineapple, papaya and a dash of honey with some flax seeds and leafy greens added to the mixture it was very filling. My son had some as well with his hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham. He enjoyed it immensely. I can see the top of the mountain. It’s daunting and many don’t believe that I can reach it…including myself. I was encouraged by a good friend of mine when he came over to lunch on Sunday when he asked and when this is over what will you do? Will you go back to eating the way you did before you had the cleanse? Or will you adopt this lifestyle? I honestly don’t know. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog: Health is more than just what you eat. Day 4: Health is more than just what you eat April 10

I’m back from lunch at the Good Life. I need to whip up a shake to energise me for the gym this afternoon. I spoke with my guru and he enlightened me as to the reasons why my body was feeling so bad yesterday. I slept so much last night, more hours than usual. I’m so used to getting at least 5 hours sleep if I’m lucky. I got seven last night. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve had such a good night’s rest. I felt so amazing this morning. Anyhow back to what my guru told me. He said that the cleanse is also an emotional one and the foods that I associated with comfort (like chocolate and starches) are not in my system and my body is reacting. Secondly he also pointed out that this is a discipline of the mind and not only the body. Thirdly he likened the cleanse to a freshly painted white wall. After I complete the seven days, I have to be very selective about what I choose to put on that wall. Also I must make the choice of whether I want to continue this lifestyle or if I want to go back.

He said this to me after I opened up about the challenges I may have when I eat my traditional Bajan Sunday lunch at my family. I am so apprehensive. There are going to be questions like…That’s all on your plate? How come you’re not having any chicken? You don’t want any rice or macaroni pie? What’s wrong with you?

Why must there be something wrong with me? I have a cousin who is on a healthy life style and notes that Sunday is his cheat day… when anything goes. Speaking of anything, my fridge looks like a market place, with all kinds of fruits and vegetables for smoothies, shakes and salads. I’m actually quite proud of it. Strawberries, mangoes, pineapples, nectarines, grapes and more represent the fruit section and pumpkin, plantains, cucumbers, tomatoes, mixed salad and spinach represent the veggie section

For breakfast I had the banana, papaya, mango smoothie with flax seeds and mixed lettuce. It kept me moving through the morning until I had lunch at the Good Life Bar and Restaurant with my son. They had their soup special, I had to request that yam and dumplings be omitted from my soup. It was so hearty. I felt it heating my pores and releasing the toxins from my skin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it. I’m having the rest of it for dinner tonight along with my son’s favourite strawberry and banana smoothie. I’ve been a little tardy. I’ve had a slice of vegan chocolate cake. But it tastes so good. The Good Life’s chocolate cake is one not to be missed.

Next week we bring you the remaing posts. If you are on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, feel free to share your recipes, your exercise routines and photos.

*Next week we bring you Laura’s entries for days 5 to 7.

If you want to share your stories email them to donnasealy@barbadostoday.bb

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