Reaping success

by Kimberley Cummins

enttobydebbiemariusA local musician is encouraging other artistes to earn themselves with the knowledge of how to reap the successes they want.

After an informative session at the Canadian Music Week recently musician, Debbie Reifer, said she was pleased she decided to attend and advised others to attend similar music conferences for their betterment.

The singer/songwriter in an interview with Barbados TODAY this morning said musicians on the island needed to rid themselves of the “outdated” concept that to be a successful artist all they had to do was book gigs or try to sell CD’s. Rather she believed there were a host of other avenues which artistes could earn revenue but it was just a matter of them acquiring the understanding to pursue those different avenues.

One of those areas she noted and which she was desirous of pushing her music was that of television and film.

“It is all well and good to talk about CD sales and performances, that is great, but it is 360∫ business and I feel if you are not educating yourself to understand how you can insert yourself in each facet of the business, it won’t work- you won’t be successful. You have to define what you want as success and then work for it but you can’t work for it unless you earn yourself with the knowledge of how to get there. To me it is extremely important that other artistes or people who are thinking about becoming artistes try to attend these conferences and learn,” said Reifer.

“For me I already had the genuine interest to have my music placed so it made sense that I would go to a conference like that and sit down and meet the people who are responsible for making those types of decisions… I wanted to leave the conference armed with more knowledge about what I needed to do with my plans for my career. This is an art form, this is my love but it is also a business so, in essence a lot of my goals was connected to how† I was going to make my business more successful this coming year. I felt that everything I learnt while I was there absolutely contributed to that particular goal and I came back with a tonne of action items, new business practises that I could implement, best industry practises that artistes are using to grow their fan base or sell more music or get booked more- I mean it was really invaluable information.

“The performing was awesome but I needed to leave there with not just an action plan but I needed to have, what I consider to be critical things, I needed to do or contacts I needed to make in order to achieve my overarching goals for the year. There is a lot of things I want to do this year and I felt that attending the conference† was the way to find out how I was going to get it done. In that regard I felt it was extremely successful because I came back with so much. So whether the music gets selected or not that is another issue but at least† I have the first stepping stone and I am praying and working towards having the other stepping stones come into place,” she said.

Reifer, who performed twice at the conference thanked the Barbados Investment Development Corporation for their financial assistance which helped her as well as André Clarke from the band Nexcyx, Toby Armstrong, a producer from Hit Island Studio and Marius Charlemagne, bass player from the band NJ30 to attend the CNW.

It ran from March 19 to 24 in Toronto.

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