No clowning around

entannietheclownFor the past 13 or 14 years, Annie The Clown has been bringing smiles to the faces of children and adults.

During a recent interview with Bajan Vibes, she spoke about why she became a clown and how challenging it could be.

“I’ve been a clown for 13-14 years. I didn’t have any children and then I wanted to play with people’s children. I wanted more to do on my weekends so I had to find a way to steal people’s children and that was my way of [doing so] … Therefore I started to research where I could find out more about being a clown and then I went on the internet and I discovered that there was a clown convention, clowns of America.

“I made arrangements to go to this convention to see what this thing was all about and where I could learn more about clowning so I could become comfortable. … Clown conventions, or clown class or the clown magazines when they come, they really are a good useful tool because you meet people, you have classes, you have interactive sessions, you get to ask each other questions,” she said.

Annie explained there is something called “the tear of a clown” where a clown would express sadness or empathise all of which was important.

“My thing is in Barbados, generally speaking, it’s the party clown that you’re going to push because its predominately parties that you’re going to do. The question of happiness … happiness comes from within. You have to be happy as a person to sell it unless you’re extremely good actor or actress and could create what looks like happiness and create a happiness persona which is different from being intrinsically happy as an individual. You’ve got to make a little distinction.

“I’ve found that place where I could say for the most part I’m generally happy and always ready to skin my teeth at some idleness”, she said before breaking into laughter.

“It takes a lot of work, it takes God, it takes understanding what life is about not taking seriously that are nor meant to be seriously, it comes from through the years reading positive motivational and inspirational books. Whether it was the four agreements, whether things by Iyanla Vanzant, whether it was Joyce Myers but at the end of the day its knowing who you are and being happy with who you are also too it is part of my perceived purpose.

“I think if you’re passionate about something, I think if you perceive it as part of your purpose you’re happy doing it and it shows, in the sense that I like to see people happy, I like to see people smiling and I think that comes across,” she stated. Annie said she never goes to work without sleeping for two hours because “clowning is not a job that you just show up and go in the back and hide and wish the day would go.

“From the time you appear, you get out of your car, whether in the car driving, you’re on show. A ZR driver recognises a clown beside it and he does a double take or people shout ‘Annie The Clown’, or ‘wait that’s Annie?’ and that’s how it happens.

“You get people shouting at you people waving at you. With my daughter when I’m talking to her you get people standing and watching or people taking pictures or people being curious enough and stand and listen to the conversation.

“From the time you go out you’re aware that you are no longer in your own space but you can’t go and be frowning, looking miserable because when people would say ‘wait she’s the most miserable clown that I ever see, wuh wrong wid she’.

“… Nobody cares about your personal problems when you turn up to be a clown, you turn up to perform, you turn up to entertain, you turn up to make a fool of yourself because you’re the entertainer…. The bottom line is we want to go to work in light spirits in happy moods and we want to disconnect from what I was doing before if I was washing clothes, cooking food whatever.

“We stop, we go to sleep … I honestly would recommend that for people that are going to work, if you know you are going into the people’s place with a bad attitude, go and sleep for a couple hours, wake up with a good mood,” said Annie The Clown.

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