Lost in translation

Every week I write on things that amuse and puzzle me, and today is no exception.

I went into the gas station the other day to buy a particular product and on picking it up I realised that the ingredients and instructions were written in Spanish. Are we not an English-speaking island? How could a product be on our shelves in another language?

Having cable in Barbados can also be a major headache, especially if you switch to certain channels. Almost everything is in Spanish. I am not sure if it is the particular cable provider that we are using but in our neighboring islands I have not witnessed this. We are paying for cable and unable to understand what the images are saying. Isn’t that amazing?

Going to shop in Bridgetown can be a major headache, especially when you are going out to events. Almost every shop you go into has the same thing. I sometimes wonder; are they all shopping in the same location. Have you ever realised that the only difference separating most shops in Bridgetown is the price of the item?

We have bought our clothes and are now heading to the event, dressed to impress and looking hot. On observation, within half an hour of the event you can see women walking around bare feet. Now can someone explain to me why anyone would leave home with shoes they can barely walk in and expect to stand in them for a maximum of three to four hours? Isn’t that amazing?

When a family member returned home from overseas I was asked to take her to a very popular spot for locals and tourists on Friday night. I have not been to this location for many years so I was quite amazed when I ordered my dinner and was quoted a price of $25. Now that licked me off my feet because I was honestly in shock. I guess these are the harsh economic times we are living in.

I can sit here and write so many other things but there is no place like home for me. Many things drive me up a wall but still none can compare to my Beautiful island of Barbados. The beaches, the sites, and most of all the people are the ingredients that make this island so unique. When many visitors come to our island they just wish they could stay. Regardless of some incidences of crime and violence we are still a relatively peaceful nation. Our children have free education; they are allowed to ride free on the buses along with our elderly.

I have decided that for the next public holiday that approaches I will take some time to explore many of our attractions that persons come from all over the world and pay thousands of dollars to see that I have here and do not enjoy. If you see anything that amazes you, send me an email so that I can mention it in my next column. Have a wonderful week ahead!!! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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