Plump politician’s pension

I am truly very concerned and bothered after learning that a politician in Barbados can qualify for an excellent pension after they have done 520 days. Which is 52 days per year for 10 years.

Wow! This is truly very interesting that this is at all possible? No wonder that they want to make this a way of life since it pays that well.

You have people in Barbados who has been working from age 16 up to age 70 and sometimes beyond, whose pension isn’t enough for all the years of hard work that they have done, but the elected officials who were chosen by the people to work for the people can live large off the same people.

The interesting part about all of this is that when any of us is being hired for any job, makes it known to us what we will be paid for the job, but the people who you have elected are able to set their own pay scale, paid vacations, pensions and anything else that they can sit around at a table and agree upon without the people having any say at all in the matter.

But the people are the ones who, by paying taxes, are making this all possible for each and everyone of the elected officials.

The same way that President Obama can take a five per cent pay cut from his salary as President of the Untied States, and show that he’s at least trying his best to make a difference to ease the situation, why can’t the elected officials in Barbados take a pay cut to help ease things for the people in Barbados?

Every little bit helps. This will also show that they have the interest of the people at heart. Or is it all about what’s in it for you, the elected officials, and not the people?

For once in your lives show the people in Barbados that you are doing whatever it takes to ease the pressure off them for a change.

After all the promises that you have made that you are going to look out for them, here’s your chance to not only talk the talk, but also to walk the walk and feel good about it. This isn’t about any party, but about the people of Barbados and their tax dollars that’s being spent every day to support your lifestyle.

Prove not only to the folks in Barbados, but to the world that change starts from the top and not from the hard working people who has been struggling to support their families for many, many years on very little.

— Charles Cadogan

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