A Scout ‘vacation’

When a true Scout thinks about school vacation, he soon realises that there is really no such thing as school vacation for him. This would be the ideal time to continue with the activities of flying kites, getting that much needed reprieve from the class room, going to the beach, but that is not the way it is for a true Scout.

For the Boy Scouts, there seemed to be a new resurgence on life as many of the local troops in the Association have used this vacation period to be engaged in camp and camp life all over the island.

For example, the First Barbados Sea Scouts Troop had their camp on the Easter weekend and during the period of the Good Friday night, one could have found the boys on a night hike traversing the areas of the St. Michael and St. George, some of them getting the necessary practice for the Chief Scout Award.

Following close on the heels of this group, the Bay Scout Group pitched their tents at the Harrison College over the week end to be engaged in the many disciplines which are common with Scouts.

Passing of a True Scout

In a moving service for the late Richard Chesterfield Antrobus, the Scout Akela (Leader) at the St. John’s Cub Pack, Scout Leaders, his Sponsoring Authority and the Cubs from his pack joined the many mourners at the Bibleway Seventh Day Adventist Church to say goodbye to the earthly remains of this Scout Leader.

His District Commissioner Floyd Carter stated that even though Anyrobus was a relatively new Leader in the District, from the reports of those who knew him, his commitment to Scouting, albeit brief, was commendable. He loved his Cubs and tried to instil good manners, kindness, respect and additional virtues with the hope that they would be used to mould his “boys” into fine young men.

Even when Antrobus became ill, he was still insistent of being in attendance at his pack, so sincere was his determination to responsibility. In attendance at the service was the Chief Commissioner of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, Dr. Nigel Taylor, who remembered the first time he saw Antrobus in an assembly outside of scouting.

The Chief mentioned that when he entered the room this young man, not looking in his direction, was chatting about what he wanted to do with his Cub Scouts. Immediately, when he turned and realised that the Chief Commissioner was present, he tried to stand. Noticing that he was having difficulty, the Chief told him to remain seated, but he was still insistent in paying respect. He finally stood erect, said “Good afternoon Sir!” and extended his left hand.

This level of determination and commitment seemed to be the hallmark of the young man who it was revealed in the eulogy was very conscious of the frailties’ of life. He loved his family, his church, his Cubs and above all, he loved his God. May he rest in peace.

Regional Activities

The Asia-Pacific region

In world scouting there are six Regions which seek to work together, while at the same time spend significant time developing programmes for the youth of their respective regions. Many of them have successfully had successive governments embrace their national associations as together they work for the development of the youth.

In the Asia-Pacific Region, the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports Affair, Roy Suryo welcomed the members of the World Scout Committee and the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Committee and noted that the Indonesian government always considers the existence of Scouting very important especially in shaping the character of children and young people of Indonesia.

The Asia-Pacific Region has a new Regional Director. J. Rizal Pangilinan, known to many as “J.R.”, will take over from Abdullah Rasheed in July 2013. J.R. Pangilinan previously held the position of Director, Programme & Community Development at the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the World Scout Bureau before returning to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines where he served as Director of Field Operations, Assistant Secretary General and, since 2003 as Secretary General.

J.R. holds a Master of Arts degree with a major in Administration and Supervision. Having spent more than 20 years serving Scouting, J.R. received the Loyalty Award from the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in 2009 and the Gold USA Award in 2012. He also holds numerous awards from other National Scout Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Additionally, he holds the rank of Commander in the Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Barbados Boy Scouts Association congratulates J.R. on his new appointment.

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