Enjoying each moment

Have you ever experienced sadness or a sense of urgency when a project or event is about to end? Often, there are deadlines accompanied by much stress to “get the deed done.” Rarely is a sense of accomplishment relished, for you already have your sights on the next goal.

Consider releasing the stress associated with getting to the goal. Instead, learn how to relax and enjoy each moment along the way. For projects that seem overwhelming, break them down into smaller chunks. Be creative in how you approach each step.

Feel gratitude for what you are doing, whether it is monetary gain to feed your family or for having the health and abilities to perform the tasks. Staying in the moment with joy and gratitude is a major key to happiness.

There will always be deadlines. Pace yourself as much as possible so that you don’t feel pressured as the deadlines draw near. This will allow you to keep your focus rather than a future timeline.

Many impose unnecessary deadlines on themselves. Try looking at why you push yourself to do things that really could wait or accomplished within a larger timeframe. Many keep themselves locked into busy-ness as a way to avoid emotions or tasks they have convinced themselves as being mundane or undesirable.

There is no task that is undesirable, unless you convince yourself it is so.

No matter what the task is, there is at least one person in the world who either enjoys doing it, or can maintain a sense of joy while performing the task. Why is this so? Perhaps the person innately enjoys the skills and talent for the specific job.

For example, there are many who loathe various aspects of cleaning their habitat or keeping it organized. On the other hand, there are those who get a great sense of accomplishment by cleaning and organising. Others may enjoy a task that you consider to be mundane or tasteless because they have learned to be in the moment and have found ways to stay in joy no matter what task is at hand.

Your attitude towards any activity is a matter of choice. The goal is to find ways to be in joy each step of your journey and to release stress related to timelines.

Often, negative emotions are attached to an ending. Whether it is a death, the end of a job or project, graduation, etc., there may be sadness mingled with celebration. There is nothing wrong with feeling any emotion.

However, when prolonged grieving or unresolved anger are kept alive by repeatedly re-living or talking about the issue, these repeated negative thought forms glop together, creating layer upon layer of low energy that eventually go beyond emotional disease and cause physical ailments.

Take time to go within and look at times when you felt unrest during an ending. Are you still complaining about the time you got fired? Do you still bad-mouth those who did you wrong? Have you forgiven those who upset you so much that you ended their friendship? Do birthdays, anniversaries or the end of the year leave you with a sense of emptiness? Look at the endings in your life and isolate those which have feelings of discomfort attached to them.

Open your mind and allow yourself to objectively look at the new beginning that was allowed once the door to the prior event closed. Perhaps you were jolted out of your routine and found a better job. Maybe you now choose better relationships. Look for the blessings you experienced since last New Year’s Eve.

Gratitude in all things, especially those that cause discomfort can throw open the doors to the future, making all seem brighter and lighter. No matter what is happening in your life, your attitude towards it is your choice.

Have you every been happy in a situation or performing a project until someone came along and made negative comments about what you were doing? Remember they are operating from their belief codes. You would be wise to look closer at what you are doing before deciding that you don’t want to do that project anymore, based on their comments.

It is not uncommon for people to change belief codes on whims, not looking deeply into why they held the previous belief. When a person is easily swayed back and forth by others’ opinions, life will be like a ship in a storm, being tossed to and fro causing one to become dizzy and imbalanced.

Make your choices in the moment. Pay attention to ways you can create joy and peace each step along the way. Know that each door that closes will open new possibilities. Having gratitude for every person and experience you encounter will help you to grow and to have the courage to move forward with ease. Releasing fears along the way will make your goal of a fulfilled life more awesome than you can imagine.

You already have everything you need within yourself to accomplish whatever your heart desires. You need not give over your power to leaders or gurus. You simply need to have the courage and desire to move forward. The ethers around you are filled with infinite possibilities. Dream big, follow your intuition and watch the magic unfold!

* Adrian Daisley Ph.D is a Celebrity Life Coach, Business Consultant/Marketing and founder of Think and Prosper Brand

https://www.facebook.com/ThinkProsperand Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/158747670867881/

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