Best kept secret

Junior Alleyne

His incredible talent is perhaps the best-kept secret in local gospel music.

Yet, Junior Alleyne, a dynamic vocalist reminiscent of soul icons Teddy Pendergrass and Ottis Redding, is certainly no “Johnny-come-lately” when it comes to singing — publicly.

It may seem like a paradox that Alleyne, whose singing prowess came to light back in the early 1980s, is still not widely known or invited to perform at any of the major gospel music events held in Barbados.

After this writer first recognised his talent while working in the electronic media in the 1980s and had subsequently promoted a “live” recording of My Mind’s Made Up, a song Alleyne performed at a concert back then, both of us reconnected a week ago at the Mount Olive Holy Church of America in Carrington Village, St. Michael.

That meeting must have been meant to be, considering my sole purpose for going to that church was to interview another outstanding gospel artiste, Trenacia Esseboom-Mckend and to feature her music in our last edition of High Note.

Obviously, we took the opportunity to interview Alleyne and record his music to see if he still has that magical vocal touch. See it all in the attached video.†

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