Difficult job of the Press

Your Editorial of March 25, headline Journalism off course was bang on target.

Firstly, in acknowledging the major contribution that Harold Hoyte has made to journalism in Barbados. I believe he has earned genuine respect from a wide cross section of the population and he has always appeared to be a very humble person.

Secondly and the substantial point of the Editorial and Hoyte’s presentation is the need for reliable independent information. In Barbados we do have a great fear of information. I’m not sure if it is because we live in a small society where we tend to know one another and therefore do not want to offend (or be offended).

The result of this has been very damaging to our development over the decades. Lack of information creates poor accountability which in turn means we cannot know how well or how badly we are doing.

The role of the Press is so important in this regard. But they have a difficult job to do. With restricted access to information, limited human resources and a sometime hostile environment it cannot be easy.

Barbados Today has been a glimmer of hope in this regard. It’s Editorials in particular have been very pointed and the news reporting with excellent visuals to support the text reporting have been on target.

Please keep up the good work and remember the words of wisdom from Harold Hoyte.

— Chris de Caires

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