Consequences of fire

When hyrdro-carbon-based materials are burned, in anything less than carefully-controlled conditions, carcinogens are released. These materials include vehicle tyre, oils, greases, insulating rubbers etc., not to mentioned carbon particulates which themselves cause problems with asthma and emphysema sufferers.

The cancers so initiated may take many years to be come evident. These cancers can also be caused by improperly-working diesel and gasolene) engines — as can be seen on our highways, each and every day, unless you happen to be blind, deaf, and dumb, or choose not to breathe.

The real criminals in this particular instance, are of course those who deliberately, and brazenly, continue their merry way with no respect for anyone else’s property, or health, or the law.

We wait to learn of any consequences of this unfortunate fire last week:

ONE: if those residents who were a bit worried about the relocation of the recycling operations, might have something to say — to their lawyers.

TWO: With the wisdom of experience now firmly in their hands, what, if anything, will the “relevant authorities” say, and more importantly, actually do?

The first “line of action”, I suspect, will be to rapidly pass this hot potato around, until the buck-passing stops at someone’s IN-tray.

First try the Ministry of Health; then Ministry of the Environment; then Ministry responsible for Town Planning; then the Office of the Attorney General to see if we will prosecute any rogues who may be culpable.

There is plenty of culpability to share-out.

— Tony Webster

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