Water demand very high

I am sure thankful for the Barbados Today in helping me to know what’s going on in Barbados.

After reading the April 2, 2013 issue, I concluded that the most important article was on page 3 with the caption Frustrations As Water Woes Continue.

For the last couple of years, I have been preaching about the water situation even before it had gotten to this point.

In Barbados you are continuing to build, and keep building more and more, which will in the end create water problems since the demand will become even greater. In the same article I noticed the mention of someone hoping that the tourists leaving Barbados would not be too upset about the water situation. Wow! That’s pretty deep.

What about the people who live in Barbados who have the problem because of the constant improvements to accommodate the visitors? When are the powers that be going to realise the importance of the Barbadians, and the needs of all Barbadians?

I also saw where it was mentioned by someone in charge at the desalination plant that they are pumping five million gallons per day, which is normal. This is very interesting to know that with all the needs for water in Barbados this quantity is enough with such a high demand.

I am sure that the water demands are very high, not only because of the tourist industry, but also due to the high volume of vehicles on the island also. I am sure that people want to keep their cars clean and shining, along with all the other things they need water for. I never thought I would see water trucks in Barbados, but I saw them in the Barbados Today.

I have a very strong feeling that the water demands are begining to be more than what can be handle at this point in time.

I remember when Barbados had the best drinking water I have ever tasted. I did some travelling when I was younger working on ships, and I have never tasted water in any country to match the water in Barbados. I am sure that by now with the water demands this high you are now recycling water.

You can continue to cater to the rich and the famous, or to the tourist and continue to place the needs of Bajans in Barbados in any position other than first, and you are going to have big problems on your hands for sure.

Water is the one commodity that should always be plentiful.

Rethink what you are doing about this water situation, or better yet tell the Bajan people what’s really going on with this water situation.

To be quite honest with you, I am not in Barbados, but I don’t feel good being able to have water at my disposal for my every need while folks in Barbados are getting water from tanker trucks, and storing water in containers.

— Charles Cadogan

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