First responders have fun

1rstrespondersadultsackraceLast weekend, members of the Roving Response Team continued their 20th anniversary celebrations with the staging of their second event on Easter Sunday.

This was a two part activity that included an off-road 4×4 scenic drive through the rugged areas of the St. Thomas, St. Andrew and St. Joseph. The scenic drive started off from the Simpson Motors parking lot to such areas as Fruitful Hill, White Hill, Spa Hill, Dark Hole and Saddle Back Ridge.

The group then travelled to Bushy Park where they were joined by family, friends and members of the rally club and the motoring federation for a day of “old talk, food, dominoes and fun”.

The group held a children’s kite flying event, staged children’s tug-a-war, with lucky dips, played a new version of rounders along with sack and egg-and-spoon races.

The eggs were lost but winners still wanted prizes. Some members discarded the sacks to make it to the finish line while others did their best to prove their worth otherwise.

“This was the one day in which there were no emergencies to run to with lights flashing and sirens blaring,” said prominent first responder Roy Ward. “Sunday was our day to put aside all personal protective equipment and spend the holiday with family and friends.

“First responders seldom get an off day, but Sunday was ours.”

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