Shame on you!

Over the past week or so there have been the matters of unnatural death, tourist being robbed and two being shot, along with a hit and run vehicular incident, and the mother beating her daughter with a plank of wood.

All of these incidents have been the talk of the town and country too, with everyone having their say. Each incident can be viewed as being very serious no matter how you look at them, and it makes me wonder what is really happening here in Barbados of late.

It is very unfortunate when we hear of young people losing their lives by acts of violence. It is also a huge lost to family, friends and society when that person, being so young, has been taken from the face of the earth and is no longer around to be of some means of productivity to the country in the way we know they could have.

When society has become an angry monster in the face of any challenges, we have a serious problem. We cannot seem to settle anything other than through aggression. When it is not going our way and we can’t seem to get our point across, it is the only way we seem to be resorting to.

Some may say that it is pure talk I giving and only when I am in a heated position I will then understand, but to that I say, nonsense. I have found myself in heated arguments before, but I always think before I act in such situations. I have no problem being viewed as a coward or soft because I turned away or played mute when I felt the situation is getting to a combative point.

I love my freedom and I love life no matter what is thrown at me. I never want to be confined to a cell or have to go through life saying if I had known. I was always told as a young man never to try to take ownership of any female or get so weak that I want to hurt them when things don’t work out.

I believe men need to take a serious look at themselves and realise they are just being weak and cowards of a different nature when they do the negative. Take time to talk to someone other than the one you are battling and get things off your chest. At times a good ear is a great help.

When young unemployed men who are able enough to do some good hard work, but are too lazy to or just don’t want to work decide they need money and “bling” so prey on visitors and locals, I have no forgiveness for them. These men can be heard saying that they can’t find work and they need to eat and live, but what they really mean at times is that they don’t want to find a job, but need to get some brand name clothes and money to party and buy weed.

Sad but it is true with some of these young men.

Seeing elderly tourist travelling around the island and they then decide to rob them and shoot or injure them some way or another is indeed a senseless act. Why is it that they can’t see the wrong in doing that? Is it that they simply don’t care what the end result is or just can’t think that far ahead?

I believe the laws need to be amended in a way that such acts are seen as treason, because it is indeed an act against the island in a whole and will have a negative effect on everyone living here. When tourists fail to come, we fail to survive since we depend so heavily on the tourism product.

A strong message needs to be sent to these perpetrators and want-to-be Robin Hoods. They go to jail and spend a few months and come out ready to go again because they had a cool stint behind bars and are now seen as tough by their buddies. I hear some talk of jail like it is not a big deal, and is prepared to go back if you mash their corns. Very sad indeed when you think that this is the future we are dealing with.

When I look at the state of crime in Trinidad, Jamaica, and the Bahamas which is getting rather rough over the years, Barbados needs to watch itself before it gets to the level of these places. Some may say it will never happen, but I believe we should never say never unless we get tough real soon.

Those who depended heavily on the drug trade are being hit for six by the ever vigilant authorities, so it seems as though they are turning to burglaries and robberies to satisfy their lifestyles.

As for the mother who bashed her child with a plank while holding her hair, I say shame on you. That is a classic example of trying to bend the tree after it has grown. I always use the comparison of teaching a puppy the things you want it to do. If you practice that pup to sit before it can eat and to stay when you say or face the consequences, then you will have no issue in controlling that animal when it grows up to be a dog. Trust me on this one.

Having a child and not paying him or her any attention or being blind to their habits and instead of speaking to them you curse and shout at them will result in negative fallouts. You can’t expect to be out of touch in raising your child and then when he or she acts up you want to beat them into submission. One day you will find that child may retaliate and we have a catastrophe on our hands, or you may end up hurting him or her seriously or fatally.

Most of us got lashes at home or school for one reason or another, but brutality is another thing. I don’t even beat my dogs when they do something wrong. First of all they don’t see it as something wrong because they don’t know any better. Train the animal right from wrong and results will be favourable. They may bite up a shoe now but eventually when you let them realise it is wrong they stop.

Children should respect their parents and elders and in so doing, respect themselves too. Also children should go to school and respect the benefits that can be achieved. When a parent does the right thing from the start, most times you end up right later in life.

Sorry to say, but children should not be having children but it will happen sometimes. This is where the extended family has to assist so that the blind does not lead the blind, hence a situation like that young mother and her child.

Right now all I can do is hope that things do get better around here and those thinking of making a complete idiot of themselves will manage to think before they act. If they choose not to do the right thing then the law needs to be in full effect to make sure a strong message is sent to those who want to become infamous.

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