Teen challenge to restart residence aspect

The board of directors of Teen Challenge Barbados this week announced the restart of the residence aspect of the Teen Challenge drug rehabilitation programme April 1, 2013.

Teen Challenge has been operating in Barbados since 1996 and during this time has counselled more than 600 men, plus scores of family members of men who have fallen to the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse. They have been able to do so with the support of churches, organisations, companies and individuals.

Chairman, Andy Downes, explained that the high maintenance cost of the campus, deterioration of the main building which housed the dormitories and falloff in donations led to the suspension of the residence aspect of the programme in July 2012.

However, by converting one of the existing buildings to a temporary dorm, the operation will restart albeit for a limited number of students.

Teen Challenge is still in need of funding to complete the new office and dormitory facility which would allow for greater numbers to benefit from their drug rehabilitation services.

While expressing gratitude for the support the organisation has received over the years, he solicited continued financial support as this is critical to the continuation of the drub rehabilitation programme.

Downes advised that: “We have found very receptive organisations who have committed to donating beds, sheets and kitchen utensils; however, we are still in need of major appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, and washing machines to supplement the aging equipment.

“We are therefore asking concerned citizens and companies to partner with us by supplying these items. We also welcome skilled volunteers to assist with repairs to computers, refrigeration and mechanical equipment.

“We are very excited about the restart of our operations as we believe the need to care for and help our young men combat drug addiction is essential if Barbados is to benefit from their strength, intellect and creativity. We believe that with God’s help, we can make a difference.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to this “worthwhile cause”, the non-profit agency said, can contact Acting Executive Director of Teen Challenge Barbados, Wayne Gibbons, at 844-9624 or Programme Director, Dean Squires at 828-1011 or via email at teenchallengebarbados@gmail.com.

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