Fire fear

Section of Haynesville, St. James.
Section of Haynesville, St. James.

Some residents living in National Housing Corporation units in Haynesville, St. James say they’re living in fear that electrical fires could break out in their homes at anytime.

Their concerns stem from periodic power outages in some blocks and flickering lights in others.

One mother of two in Block 24, complained that she had been experiencing “the blinking” of lights and had been told by NHC officials that the units required re-wiring.

“Six years ago National Housing told us the units were to be re-wired, but nothing has happened yet,” complained Kadisha Weatherhead.

Her comments about the need to re-wire the units, which one householder said were more than 30 years old, were echoed by others on the nearby block 20.

“The lights cut out about twice per month. The Barbados Light & Power does come and fix what they could fix, but sometimes, the BL&P would say it is an NHC problem,” said Jalissa Devonish, who live on Block 20.

“Earlier this week, two outages were the NHC’s problem and another the BL&P,” she added.

The Haynesville resident told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that Light & Power personnel told her “something” had burnt out and it was the corporation responsibility to fix it.

“This week three houses on this block went out (power), and then another time the entire block,” reported Devonish.

She said she was afraid the house could catch afire, adding that the electricity had been going out for three to four months now.

Another resident, Claudette Yearwood, who had been occupying her 20E unit for the past 20 years, said the NHC informed her the problem had been solved.

“Sunday it went off, but Saturday night was the worse,” Yearwood exclaimed.

She and her neighbour, Sandra Holder echoed each others story on the events which they agreed were creating fears of a fire breaking out any day.

Holder recalled that she first experienced the electrical problem about three years ago.”

“At the time, the NHC said all was well, but the outages happened again on Saturday and Sunday. The BL&P came and said it was a problem with the breaker and that the corporation had to deal with that problem,” Holder reported, with support from Yearwood.

As he walked pass during the interview, Yearwood’s son said when the Light & Power responded to their call for last weekend’s “cut out”, they suggested that the breaker was faulty. (EJ)††††

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