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Since its introduction to Barbados 94 years ago, the Girl Guides Association of Barbados has continued to work assiduously with girls and young women to create programmes and opportunities that would empower them to become strong, nurturing, progressive citizens ready to contribute and advance themselves, their families and their nation.

This building of personal capacity is approached in several ways, including the badge award system. Badge syllabi are used to stimulate and guide girls through skills development and experiences that they are awarded on successful completion.

For the leaders, this is the opportunity to create the environment for growth and while the girls proudly wear their badges, the knowledge gained and the skills learned about problem solving will remain with them long after the badges have been put inside a drawer.

The Guides of 23rd Barbados, Pax Hill Open Unit, have been on their journey of experiences for some time and recently completed a lesson in gadget making from Chief Commissioner Ruth Parris and started a training series in First Aid with First-Aider/Scouter Chelston Boyce.

Both sessions were viewed as very important as the girls are preparing to go to camp and have been challenged to complete the entire weekend out of doors — all preparations, storage, cooking and sleeping.

In the Gadget Making session, the girls were first taught the knots needed to complete the gadgets and then they moved on to making a clothesline and a basin stand for washing up. Having mastered the clothesline and the basic stand, the new challenge will be to construct tables to work on when they go to camp. According to the girls: “We’ve got that covered!” Guiding Star will let you know how that turned out.

The First Aid session was introductory in method and Boyce took the girls through the basic elements of first aid, ensuring that they understood the terms and names used. The afternoon was very interactive, with the guides taking the opportunity to ask questions about myths and health issues including how to react to burns and even how far into the body does the ink go when you get a tattoo.

The session went over the designated time and the girls are looking forward to the next session in two weeks time, when they will see and hopeful do bandaging and other first aid procedures.

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