Respect yourself first

In your issue of Barbados Today dated March 21, 2013, I read about what the 16-year-old young lady by the name of Khadisha Baker said. She’s a very intelligent young lady.

Reading what she said gave me so much joy, I had to make it known. If more young people follow her lead not only in Barbados, but world wide, we might just have less abuse, verbal and physical, against women.

I could never understand how people could sing about women and describe them in a manner less than with pride and respect. But as long as you continue to buy the music and dance to it, you are contributing to it and saying, without even opening your mouths, that it’s all right.

This young lady should be awarded for her efforts to enlighten not only the young, but also the older generation who accept this way to be what’s happening.

Anyone who can part his or her lips to make a woman less than who she was placed on this earth to be, cannot be thinking about his or her mother.

Your acceptance to these vulgar, rude and disrespectful statements to describe the gift that the most high has blessed men with to compliment us, is making all these people rich. It’s time to look at who you are as women and know that you are valuable because if you weren’t you would not be a part of the human race in the first place.

Even animals are treated better than the way some women are treated. This must stop, and I will continue to do all that I can in helping to make this happen. And you, Khadisha Baker, are doing an excellent job opening the eyes of your generation.

I hope that this will, after that incident with the young girl being beaten by her mother with a piece of wood in public, make the powers in Barbados step up and make an example of this abuse.

The sad part to this is that it seem that the child has come to accepting this treatment from her mother. Think long and hard about when she becomes a woman, and a man does the same thing to her, if she will not accept it as him trying to help her. Her mother has opened that door for her to make this excuse for abuse. This is so very sad.

I know that praying alone will not solve this problem without all of us stepping up to do what’s right for the precious gift that the Most High has given us after life.

Khadisha is correct 110 per cent in what she’s saying. Don’t allow what she said fall to the ground because you feel that you have to wear less to be accepted. Demand respect by respecting self first and foremost.

— Charles Cadogan

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