Commissioner training

In times when it is challenging to find able “supervisors” in the many disciplines of the day, the Barbados Boy Scouts Association took some time on Saturday to educate and prepare some of its commissioners in understanding more clearly their responsibilities and roles in the Scout Association.

These topics covered during the course were designed to give the participants much valuable information that would put them in a much better position to more efficiently and effectively perform their duties.

Some 22 Commissioners and District Scouters took part in this activity under the supervision of the National Training Commissioner, Tony Archer. The Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor in his opening remarks emphasised the importance of managers. He reminded them that having been approved as Commissioners, their tasks, among other responsibilities would be to make sure that the integrity of the Association is maintained.

The modules included, “Understanding the roles of the Commissioners as they function at the two levels, namely, the National and at the District, the Commissioner as a Coach and as a counsellor.”

Blessed Easter

On the behalf of the Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor and all the members of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association it is hoped that everyone enjoys a Blessed Easter.

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