A Scout movie

Another Scout movie is now in theatres across Indonesia. The film “Hasduk Berpola” (Patterned Neckerchief) talks about the love within the family and how that love can make you sacrifice to support one’s dream.

The 100-minute film started by unfolding the life of Masnun, a veteran ex-fighter during Indonesia’s fight for independence in 1945, and living with his widow daughter and grandchildren Budi and Bening. Although he made a significant contribution to his country, he is living in poverty.

Unfazed with poverty, his grandson Budi was determined to continue being an active Scout despite not having the money to buy the Scout supplies he needed for activities. Bening, seeing his brother’s passion for Scouting, along with his struggle, she decided to give up her favourite bed linens to make a Scout neckerchief for her brother. Love and friendship the siblings have for each other allowed that Scouting dream of Budi to continue.

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