She was right!

I know that there are a lot of people out there saying that the mother who beat she daughter was wrong to hit she with that piece of wood. I realise that a lot of people had a lot to say. A lot of them wash them mouth all over the woman, but I find that in Barbados people like to judge you without knowing what you going through.

I honestly believe that some children, if you can call them children, don’t understand nothing but serious blows, and even then some of them still don’t change. I got a daughter that sometime I does have to ask myself where I get she from. This girl must be the devil’s own child. When she was 12 you could not tek more man than she. And this is a girl that grow up in the church and got two older sister who grow up the same way and never did a fraction of what she did.

Look, you all may not believe me, but when she was 12 my boyfriend at the time complained that she looked at him, pointed to his private and ask him if he gine give me “all of that” – that she could tek some too. At the time I was tempted to burst she head with a piece of wood, but I walked away and then spoke to her calmly later. Would you believe that when she was 14 I came home and found her having sex with the same man – my boyfriend. Well I went ballistic. He left and never came back and I mash up a whole saucepan on she.

Two weeks later I caught her on top my neighbour who is older than me. I don’t have to tell you how I behave. I don’t know how come she didn’t have no broken bones when I was done. But the next time I caught her, I said: I done with that. No amount of quarrelling or beating will change her.

Today she is 20 and has four children. So I understand what could drive a mother to that point. It might not be the best way to deal with the situation, but some of these children know how to push every button in your body. I am not going to condemn the mother because I used to be there.

– Wearing Her Shoes

Since Yuh Asked, WHS, I must say that I understand your point, but I don’t agree with you. When we become parents we are expected to be the guides for our children, even the worst of them in the toughest of situations, and such violence will never solve the problem.

I accept totally that some children really do leave you to wonder if they are ours, especially when there are others in the household, raised in the same environment, who are the exact opposite, but when you are in charge you have to act like you are in change, and that does not include losing control.

It would seem like your daughter was more than a handful, and I believe in cases like that it is essential that you call on the appropriate social agencies for the expert assistance they were established to offer.

A piece of wood can never be the appropriate way to instil discipline, regardless of the circumstances.

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