AG calls for law reform commission

attorneygeneraladrielbrathwaiteAttorney General Adriel Brathwaite believes the time has come to set up a Law Reform Commission in Barbados to see to the updating of most of the island’s legislation.

He told Parliament this week that “the sole mandate will be to look at all of our laws, not in a piecemeal manner… so they will be modernised on a continuous basis, as opposed to what happens now that you might have an amendment to one piece of legislation without taking cognisance to how it impacts every other piece of legislation”.

He said he believed that would transform the country’s ability to respond legislatively to issues that arise in society.

Taking exception to what he said were comments by the Opposition Leader Mia Mottley that his office was slow to respond to the needs of international business, Brathwaite said that Government could not be faulted for what it had done for that sector.

“We have done more legislatively for the international business sector in our last five years than that other side did in their 14, and that is there to be seen…

“It is uncharitable for the Leader of the Opposition to suggest that we have not delivered legislatively and it indeed denies the hard work of my colleagues in the chief parliamentary council’s office who work beyond the call of duty to ensure that our programme is one we can be proud of.”

He added that he had also discussed the digitalisation of the laws of Barbados with the Clerk of Parliament with the view to having them online and accessible to all of the country, hosted by Parliament.

In Parliament’s Estimates, he said provision had been made for such a conversion and hosting of the laws.

Additionally, the Attorney General said they were also moving to ensure that the Royal Barbados Police Force had enough officer, with 31 local recruits currently at the police training centre.

They were seeing more interest in the force, he said, adding that while they had enough women, there was a shortage of men, something they had acted on and were seeing results.

“I said then I did not think we had exhausted all of our resources in terms of going into the schools and explaining to young men in particular of the dynamic opportunities in the Royal Barbados Police Force and I believe we are seeing some fruit now.” (LB)

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