Lashley promises major changes

Major infrastructural improvements are in store for a number facilities for which the Ministry of Transport and Works is responsible.

The multi-million dollar ventures, some of which will start within a few months, include the transformation of three bus terminals in Bridgetown, refurbishment of the Transport Board’s headquarters and renovations at other depots the state agency owns, including those in Speightstown, St. Peter and Mangrove, St. Philip.

Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley spoke about the plans during the Estimates Debate this morning in the House of Assembly.

The improvements to terminals will be at The River, Fairchild Street, and Seaview, commonly called Cheapside, all in the City.

“We also intend to refurbish the Transport Board headquarters and terminals. If we are operating in an environment where we have a legislative regime in terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act we have to embark on an intensive programme to refurbish the buildings that house our public servants,” he said.

“And we intend to do general repairs at buildings at the Transport Board headquarters, Mangrove Depot, Speightstown Depot, the Princess Alice Terminal, all of those terminals in terms of repairs and bringing better working conditions to those workers who occupy them.

“I am also pleased to announce that very shortly we will be constructing a modern bus terminal at Seaview, or what we call the Cheapside (terminal) and this terminal will consist of course again of better conditions.”

The St. Philip North MP said the plan was to have “proper facilities for vendors, small business people will have a part to play, we will improve facilities for them and of course the traveling public will benefit from this new terminal”.

“I can say to this Honourable Chamber that in a matter of months we will start the construction of a new terminal at Cheapside, what we call Seaview in the City,” he said.

“We also have plans for the construction of a new Fairchild Street Terminal (and) River Bus Terminal. I have done an official tour of the River Bus Terminal and I have seen plans … and of course I have to follow on those plans, and those plans would … form part of the urban renewal of Bridgetown.”

Lashley also promised legislative changes under his tenure, including laws to “bring utility companies into line”, ensuring that when they damaged roads while doing their work that Government is compensated or that the roads are adequately restored.

The minister said another focus would be on ensuring legislation governing building standards are fully in place. (SC)

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