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fivemencharged5Five men charged in connection with Sunday’s $4 million drug bust at Fitts Village, St. James, were this afternoon remanded to Dodds Prison in St. Philip.

Magistrate Barbara Cook-Alleyne, sitting in the Holetown Court, rejected their pleas for bail and ordered them to reappear on April 11.

Those jointly charged with four drug-related offences are: 33 year old Marlon Anthony Smith, of Storey Gap, Codrington Hill, St. Michael; 41 year old Colvin Ishmael Brathwaite of Gibbons Bogg, Christ Church; 31 year old Neverline Rohan Oneal Springer, of Long Gap, Spooners Hill, St. Michael; 30 year old Dwayne Omar Reeves, of Delamere Land, St. Micheal; and 43 year old Wayne Michael Charles, of Ellis Road, Halls Road, St. Michael.

Smith is facing a separate additional charge of illegal possession of a firearm, and importation of a firearm without a licence.

When the five accused appeared today, only Reeves was represented by legal counsel — Alvan Babb.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Irvin Kellman told the court all the men had previous convictions and considering that law enforcement officers were still looking for two other suspects and “the heavy machinery” used at the scene against the police, if released on bail, they might be able to out their hands on “the artillery”.

Kellman said he was of the view that the same weapons could be used against the police and even members of the public.

But speaking on behalf of accused Reeves, Babb argued that his client was not charged with any firearms crimes.

“What if the guns are never found; are we going to keep Reeve in prison forever?” the lawyer asked.

“What if those being sought are non-national who have gone back where they come from. Are we going to keep Mr. Reeves in prison forever?” the attorney queried.

He suggested that the previous conviction against his client attracted only a fine for possession of a knife.

“That’s all,” Babb declared.

The other four men presented arguments that included being in the wrong place at the wrong time, wanting to get out and pay off bills before they became due.

But Magistrate Cooke-Alleyne did not accept any.

During the drug operation that led to the charges, police found more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana, confiscated two vehicles and a boat following a shoot out with a group of men. (EJ)


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