LIME’s Country Manager, Alex McDonald
LIME’s Country Manager, Alex McDonald

Hundreds of customers who use the NetSpeak phone service provided by telecommunications company LIME, are being “severely” inconvenienced and its technical officials can’t seem to put their fingers on the problem.

In fact, the company is not even promising that it will be able to fix the problem, instead offered an alternative in expensive per-minute system for the monthly NetSpeak that offered unlimited overseas talk.

Managing Director, Alex McDonald, told Barbados TODAY, this afternoon that the company’s more than 500 customers were being affected, but that steps were being taken to resolve their issues by informing them directly as to what was going on.

LIME today circulated an online message to its customers, acknowledging that for the past†”few” weeks, it had been experiencing technical difficulties with its NetSpeak platform “and have no indication at this time of any resolution”.

The telecoms giant informed subscribers that their accounts would be credited for the past month and that further billing for this service would cease immediately.

“We sincerely apologise for this, and while we are investigating an alternative solution, we suggest you take advantage of our Worldpak offer of $29.37 per month for 1,000 minutes,” the message stated.

The company suggested that all those customers who had a LIME broadband package, with the exception of ADSL Lite, could also enjoy 60 minutes every month of free international calls to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom fixed lines.

LIME has assured its subscribers that if an alternative was found, they would be contacted again with the relevant information.

One customer who had been using Netspeak as part of his business for a while, told this newspaper he may not resume the service if LIME is able to restore it “because it is up and down”.

“The service is a good one, but it is very unreliable. It was unreliable from the beginning,” he said.

NetSpeak subscribers who had found themselves unable to get a dial tone in recent weeks were being told repeatedly told by customer service agents that technicians were working on the problem, but offered no hints on a possible time of resolution.

Barbados TODAY has learnt from a number of affected LIME customers that since the latest interruption they have been purchasing Magic Jack devices, primarily through friends and family overseas as a cheap alternative to using the local landline services. (EJ)

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  1. paul March 16, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    I understand Mr McDonald wants to sell other (more profitable) packages – am I to assume that LIME has no intention/ability to resolve the problem?

    LIME should credit Netspeak users (either their landlines or mobiles) with the monthly Netspeak minutes as an interim solution.

    This would be a sensible, reasonable solution, damage limitation even at virtually no cost to LIME.

    LIME needs to understand what customer service really means and stop spending millions of dollars on advertising trying to convince us how wonderful they are. They are not. They are simply the worst company in the region.


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