Learn from Sir Branford

primeministerfreundelstuartPrime Minister Freundel Stuart said this afternoon that the highest tribute the House of Assembly could pay to the late Cabinet minister and President of the Senator, Sir Branford Taitt, was for members to treat the Parliament in the way it should be.

Stuart, who led a series of tributes to Sir Branford during Parliaments first full sitting following general election, noted that the greatest honour within the gift of the people of Barbados, was election to Parliament, something which he said, the late MP understood.

“He is gone Mr. Speaker, but his respect for this House, his understanding of its atmosphere is a lesson from which we can all learn,” said the Prime Minister in the presence of Sir Branford’s widow, Lady Coleen Taitt, and daughters Sharon and Monique who were visitors in the lower Chamber.

He recalled how Sir Branford had “calmed the nerves” of Barbadians during the country’s first oil crisis when he was Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce between 1971 and 1976.

The political leader of the ruling Democratic Labour Party also noted that his role during that period, entitled him to “imperishable renown” because it was a new occurance for all Barbadians.

“His management of it (the crisis),” Stuart addded, “his management of the public anxiety, did much to keep the country in a state of calm.”

He also remembered the late parliamentarian for his stewardship as minister of health.

The Prime Minister observed that some people still believed Sir Branford was the best minister of health the country had ever had and pointed to his fight for those in the sector, particularly the nurses.

He said as recent as last Friday, one of the beneficiaries of his overseas nursing recruitment drive introduced herself to him at DLP headquarters, insisting that she had not regretted one moment of returning to Barbados to work. (EJ)†

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