Garcia waits

Raul Garcia accompanied by immigration officials today.
Raul Garcia accompanied by immigration officials today.

Former Cuban drug convict, Raul Garcia will have to wait a little longer to know if he will be able to live with a Barbadian family, pending his deportation from this country.

About three weeks ago, High Court Judge Margaret Reifer ruled that Garcia’s near three-year detention by immigration authorities had been unlawful and he should be released, once she was satisfied with proposals for his alternative living accommodation.

At the time, Justice Reifer had mandated Garcia’s lawyer, David Comissiong, to prepare the proposals, discuss them with the chief immigration officer and solicitor-general, before submitting them to her for determination.

Days after that ruling, Comissiong said he had presented the document to the judge’s chambers and awaited a date for the hearing.

Today was the date set for that case to be heard; but when Garcia’s team of lawyers turned up at the Number 6 Supreme Court, they were informed by the clerk, the judge was unwell and the matter would be adjourned until a date to be fixed.

While wishing the judicial officer a speedy recovery, Comissiong however, expressed disappointment that the case could not be determined today and his client allowed to go with the Barbadian family who was ready to take him.

“I was hoping he (Garcia) would have walked out of court today,” he exclaimed.

The attorney suggested that his client’s release from detention was even more urgent now, in that his elderly father was in hospital overseas and he had expected to talk with him via Skype “for the final time”.

Comissiong said because of his advanced aged and his illness, it was uncertain how long Garcia’s father would live. (EJ)†††

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