Dottin: Get registered!

darwindottinpausesThe Royal Barbados Police Force has put prospective gold and scrap metal traders on notice — get your house in order, or feel the full force of the law.

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, that his officers intended to enforce the provisions of the new Precious Metals and Second Hand Metals Act, which went into operation on January 31.

Dottin is cautioning traders and would-be dealers, not to do business from any other location than at a fixed and registered place.

Although specific numbers were not available, Dottin has revealed that “quite a few” people have been arrested and charged in connection with the theft of gold and illegal transactions.†To illustrate the seriousness of the force, he today issued a public notice to “persons who intend to operate as dealers in precious metals or second hand metals”.

“It is the intention of the Royal Barbados Police Force to fully enforce the provisions of this particular legislation,” he warned.

The notice stated that persons who intended to operate as either precious metals dealers or second hand metals dealers, are required to immediately register as such, to ensure compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

Prospective traders have been informed that registration was a process.

“First, registering a proposed business under either the Registration Business Name Act Cap 308, or the Companies Act, Cap 308; submitting an application for a licence to the magistrate responsible for the district within which the proposed business is to be established,” the commissioner informed.

He cautioned that within seven working days of the granting of the appropriate licence, a copy must be produced to a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force at the headquarters.

Dottin has insisted that all traders must by law, operate from a fixed and registered location.

“The practice of encouraging people, through advertisements to meet at places other than registered places of business for metal dealers; to purchase metals, should be discontinued as it facilitates the commission of a criminal offence,” he asserted. (EJ)

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