School sports petition started

A petition has been started to rally support against the abandonment of this year’s editions of the annual athletics championships for secondary and primary school students.

With discussions continuing between Government and organisers to salvage the Barbados Secondary Schools Athletics Championships and National Primary Schools Athletics Championships in light of the National Stadium’s immediate availability, some Barbadians have taken to the Internet to voice their concerns and voice their support for BSSAC and NAPSAC.

In addition to the Facebook page Saveinterschoolsports, which said it was “committed to lobbying the various powers that be with a singular objective of securing the successful hosting of NAPSAC and BSSAC in 2013”, a petition under the heading Save Inter-School Sports 2013 was recently started and has attracted nearly 20 signatures so far.

Among those signing were some students, including Romario Craigwell, who said: “This is my graduating class’ final year and I’m sure they would feel really bad about leaving school and not having an inter-school sports in their final year. So please … do your best to ensure these events happen.”

Another signatory, Gabrielle Bailey, said it was “unreasonable and unfair to refuse to have a meet this year”.

“Athletes have toiled from the end of last year’s track season for this year. Do whatever it takes not to take away their opportunity for them. For some, it may be their last,” Bailey stated.

“This is an important necessity in building a friendly rivalries and competitive spirits between the secondary schools along with developing school spirit within each respective institution. Also the annual inter-school sports competition highlights the young potential athletes from around Barbados and is where stars are usually recognised,” Allan McDowall added.

“There is a lack of investment whether emotionally, financially or psychologically for our athletes and I hope this is resolved and last chances for our Under 19 athletes are not flushed away,” J’anne Greenidge said.

Derek Ashby said the athletics meets were “the one place most athletes and those aspiring to be carry their dreams of pushing themselves to the limits, to be the best they can be and to be recognized for their training, talent and effort”.

“For some of theses same athletes this is there last chance to be on this stage and experience the joys, tears, disappointments and celebrations with the younger generation of athletes and friends they have created through rivalries and will be leaving behind,” he stated.

“I believe they should be given the chance to pass on and demonstrate the level of determination and spirit to strive to be the best and how to create friends and rivals as they do so.” (SC)

2 Responses to School sports petition started

  1. Stephen Small-Warner March 11, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree and support this call. Let’s find a place/way to make the School Sports happen!

  2. Janice C Griffith March 11, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    I support the call . Barbados also stands to lose much needed foreign currency from groups who vist annually to take part in Sports at the National Stadium.


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