Boost for HR plan

Government is establishing a special Programme Implementation Unit to take charge of its human resource development strategy.

In an initiative started prior to the recent general election and expected to continue with the return of the Freundel Stuart Administration, the new unit will be established based on recommendations from consultants being hired to advise on its formation.

A 17-page terms of reference document said the PIU consultancy was intended to “provide technical and administrative support to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to ensure the timely and effective implementation of the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy 2011-2016”.

It was expected that the related technical and administrative programme support would enable “the timely and efficient implementation of the Human Resource Development Strategy” through the achievement of several “milestones”.

These included an improved system for the continuous audit of skills in the public sector, improved framework for a skills needs assessment mechanism developed for the public service, framework protocols for career path development within the public service developed.

This was in addition to an improved system for the certification of public sector initiatives, a comprehensive Human Resource Development Strategy implemented to deliver more strategic, needs-based and targeted interventions, a framework for skills needs assessment mechanism developed allowing for systematic and regular consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

Also expected was an improved system of national certification and accreditation, an enhanced framework for the provision of education and training services from private service providers, improved framework for skills development linked to competitive sectors and facilitating private sector involvement in the provision of training, and enhanced system/framework for the collection and dissemination of Barbados’ labour market information.

“The Barbados Human Resource Strategy 2011-2016 is a comprehensive, coordinated, multi-sectoral programme that seeks to harmonise efforts at human resource development. This initiative will sustain the investment in human resource development through the provision of an effective education and training system,” the terms of reference stated.

“The HRD strategy is premised on a seamless, high quality, demand-driven, enabling environment aimed at empowering citizens to actively contribute to sustainable growth and development in a dynamic and globally competitive economy.

“The HRD Strategy recognises the need to provide a solid basic education and to promote lifelong learning as the foundation for every individual’s personal and professional development. It adopts a holistic approach to human resource development which facilitates strategic linkages among stakeholders,” it added.

Its overall aim was to “support the Government of Barbados in its efforts to increase competitiveness and allow sustainable growth and poverty alleviation”.

“Specifically, the outcome is to provide a framework for strengthening human resource and skills development, while improving employability and overall productivity of Barbadians,” the document stated. (SC)

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