Subpar workers need attention

Private sector bosses have no problem saluting Barbadian workers who excel at their job, but think the time has come to consider “a mechanism” to deal with employees consistently below par.

Barbados Private Sector Association Chairman John Williams also said the onus was on both employers and employees to ensure standards were constantly raised to ensure there was no cap on excellence.

He voiced these views this morning while speaking at the official launch of the Week of Excellence 2013 at the Grande Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre.

The Cave Shepherd & Company CEO said recognising employee excellence “is not a new concept, but taking the time to consider its importance as a key towards building a better economy is certainly commendable as it comes at a time when we are so heavily focused on retooling and transforming Barbados during this period of economic challenge”.

“At this stage of our national development, there should be no argument that as employers and employees we are all aware that appreciation is a fundamental human need,” he stated.

Williams said there were few persons in the work place “who do not want to be respected and valued for their contribution”, and that this was “as applicable to the most junior employee as it is to the most senior executive”.

“We believe that when employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises and they are motivated to maintain and indeed improve upon their good work,” he said.

The BPSA spokesman added, however, that acknowledging those workers who excelled was good, but attention needed to be paid to those who did not.

“As we therefore consider the role of recognition of employee excellence as a key towards building a strong economy I’ll dare to ask should we not also consider a mechanism for dealing with those persons who consistently fail to deliver what is a normal expectation? This is a challenge which I throw out for your consideration,” he told the audience made up of representatives from the government, the private sector, and labour movement.

He also urged that employee recognition not be restricted to “the feel good factor” since there were “benefits to be derived in the workplace and in the economy by recognising employee excellence”.

“Let us use the deliberations during this Week of Excellence to be creative in this approach to building a better economy. We must also understand that while the onus is on the employer to recognise and award employee excellence there is also the responsibility on the part of the employee to bring about excellence such that there is something to be recognized,” he said.

“In closing, I urge each employer and employee to be prepared to so raise the bar that excellence remains a standard to be achieved, thereby bringing about a higher level of performance in our workplaces which should redound to attaining a better economy.” (SC)

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  1. bajanfishermen February 26, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    It is time that these workers, be targeted to either be re-trained, or to be replaced. Barbados has some members of its work force, that do not think that they are one of the major sources of our economic problem. There is this entitlement syndrome that seems to be culturally embedded , in Barbados. I am sick and tired of the amount of unprofessional behaviour, that is exhibited in some of our work force today, covered under the disguise of union membership.
    an employee is scheduled to work a particular shift, then call with an excuse, that the rain is falling so they are unable to come to work. Meanwhile, others are at work, awaiting this person, and or on their way to work.
    now couple this with functional illiterates, among the work force, what sort of productivity can we have?
    Bajans love to say that we got 99% literacy, but i was appalled at a set of job applications that i recently saw.
    questions like, What Sex? was answered in numerical terms. The list goes on, but yet we continue to want productive workers while continuing to send socially promote functionally illiterate student to the work force.
    Dodds should not be the first place that many of these persons, get attention. It should be address in our Education system, from the primary level.
    More attention is needed at the infants and primary level, and not have Secondary school teachers having to teach primary school work.
    There must be greater attention at the infancy and primary level, if we are to be a 21st century Nation.

  2. Kay-rani rosita February 26, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Well said!


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