by Wade Gibbons

Prime Minister Stuart in a sea of jubilation early this morning at DLP headquarters.

It was yellow fever and it was contagious.

But the George Street Auditorium was not a place for quarantine last night.

It was a site for jumping, and prancing, shouting and screaming, even some crying.

Dems young and Dems old, civil servants in partisan T-shirts, bold, none hiding and everyone smiling.

“Where is Wickham? Where is Wickham? Where is Wickham?”

It was one big happy family, bunched together and cheering every time a victory result appeared on the big screen in the yard at which many were gazed.

Some occasionally entered the Unity Bar where the father of all Dees Astor B. Watts catered to their needs

But amid the screams of delight there was still tension in the air as the gap between the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party narrowed and seemed headed for a deadlock.

Chris Sinckler won. Cheers!

Donville Inniss won. Cheers!

Patrick Todd did not get the nod in the City. Groans!

Esther Byer Suckoo dumped after one term as well. More groans!

Steve Blackett won. Wild cheers, hugs and kisses. His wife, Eleanor danced a jig. Supporters wave their flags and placards.

Kenneth Best goes after one term. Groans!

The tension increased when the screen showed DLP 15, BLP13.

Some feared a tie and started pondering over the names of Bees that could be courted.

They called Trevor Prescod, they mentioned Mia Mottley, some even suggested Cynthia Forde.

Then Estwick arrived. Cheers!

Mara Thompson arrived. Cheers!

Michael Carrington arrived. More cheers!

George Hutson is defeated. Groans!

Irene Sandiford-Garner is defeated. Disbelief!

“Freundel should have cut off Orange Hill and put it back in St. James North where it belongs. No part of Orange Hill in St. Andrew,” one man complained.

Then the loudest cheer for the night.

Adriel Brathwaite in St. Philip South makes the DLP sweet 16.

Recount for St. Michael South East but victory is certain.

Freundel Stuart is Prime Minister again.

The Barbados Labour Party is beaten, and Owen Arthur vanquished … perhaps for the very last time.

5 Responses to YELLOW FEVER

  1. Freeagent February 22, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Congratulations to the Democratic Labour Party on winning the 2013 general election. However, I am sorry that the BLP’s candidate for Christ Christ East constituency did not win his seat.
    Better luck next time.

  2. Bjango February 22, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Dear Barbadians or Los Barbados or Lost Barbados.
    The Portugese must have been able to see the future to name it LosT Barbados because ‘bearded ones’ could only be related to the island trees because if it vaguely related to the Bajan people being bearded ones i.e. wise ones like how we know Sumerians were bearded and wise, I wouldn’t have to type this today. LOS BARBADOS is what it was and LOST BARBADOS is what it is. Slavery has truely manufactured some of the most super docile inhabitants on this planet.
    I recently watched Django unchained to realise that the character Stephen played by Samuel L Jackson is 95% of all the Black people in Barbados. Barbadians are lost and still shackled mentally without the need to be shackled around the feet and hands like Samuel in the movie. If Jamie Foxx is Django unchained, Stephen is Bajango/Bjango chained, LOL. As Django took his freedom from the white man and made a difference; helping those oppressed around him; fighting for love and freedom, Stephen or Bjango behaved like the docile house nigger, prideful of his nigger authority over the other black slaves on the plantation, preventing Django from peacefully leaving with his soul partner Broomhilda, having a false perception that the white man’s industry is his industry(The Barbados motto) and best of all showing only respect to white people instead of all the other black oppressed people just like him. Samuel L Jackson’s character in this movie can only be relatable to all Barbadians/Bajans/Bjango around the world.
    Barbadians have no culture of their own, their music/Soca music has its roots in Trinidad and to make it different that have copied a Jamaican beat to it. Some of their favourite foods also rooted in Trinidad i.e. the Roti in all chefetes etc. The Ghetto youths or those that believe their “down to earth” have to mimic Jamaican culture to be that, mainly through Jamaican music. The Preps/ snobs/90201s or “well to doers” need to gravitate towards trini culture i.e. going to Trinidad Carnival or having Trini friends, also talking with a half American accent, shopping in Miami, dressing with a European style and maintaining mixing with light skinned people or trying to be white. LOST BARBADOS is the only description for the people of that island. Bjangos will be there new name and DLP, BLP will never help the people have freedom from mental slavery that has been the dominant force in the island for hundreds of years, trust me I have the ability to look from the outside and inside of the Barbadian Nation, you are truly doomed UNTIL a young Django defeats your Stephen/Bjango Mental slave condition.

  3. Kay-rani rosita February 22, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    After your little rant and rave do you feel better? An inferiority complex uses criticism in order to feel superior.

  4. Kay-rani rosita February 22, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS DEMS!!! A well deserved win for the victorious party.

  5. Erlejo February 23, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    With all the hype and hoo-ha following the outcome of all political elections, please be reminded that ‘The powers that be are ordained of God’ (Romans 13:1).


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