raul garcia freed; attorney told to prepare proposals for living arrangements

by Emmanuel Joseph

After nearly three years in immigration, former Cuban drug convict Raul Garcia was this afternoon given his freedom.

However, in handing down her decision in the Number 6 Supreme Court, Madam Justice Margaret Reifer told Garcia’s attorney David Comissiong, he would first have to prepare proposals for his client’s alternative living arrangements and return to court at a date to be agreed for her consideration.

Justice Reifer ruled that Comissiong needed to discuss the new living arrangements with the Chief Immigration Officer and lawyers for the State.

But the instructions are that whether or not there was agreement on the arrangements for care taking by the two parties, the proposals must be brought before her for final determination.

The ruling was a victory for Comissiong in that the judge accepted his submission that Garcia’s continued detention was unlawful and that there was no certain proof he was a threat to national security, would re-offend or abscond.

Comissiong told Barbados TODAY afterwards, he would work on the proposals immediately.

It was the first time since the hearing started late last year that Garcia showed such a beam on his face as he did this afternoon.

It is understood that a family has already indicated its readiness to house Garcia.

In her ruling, the judge said before she could put the Cuban on the street she needed to be satisfied about his financial maintenance and living arrangements, considering he had no job.

Justice Reifer said she wanted to ensure he was not tempted to commit crime in order to support himself. (EJ)

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  1. bajanfishermen February 21, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Finally justice have been done. It does not make any kind of sense to have kept Mr. Garcia, in legal limbo for so long. The legal and courts systems of Barbados has to be changed. It is too archaic a system for this 2ist century.


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