‘Done my part’

dlp candidates await the fruits of their labour

With the polls scheduled to open at 6 a.m. tomorrow, some Democratic Labour Party candidates were out in their constituencies canvassing or at their campaign offices putting the final preparations in place.

Jepter Ince, who is contesting the St. George North said this afternoon, he had done his part in campaigning for the seat, and the final decision was now left to the electorate to make an informed decision.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY while taking a break with his team at his constituency office, Ince said he had visited 99.5 per cent of households in St. George North, considering it was not possible to see 100 per cent at any given time and he was looking for a “rational” decision from the people.

“My only challenge was getting to see everybody, all 9,000 residents in the constituency. My objective was to go all the households, but given my obligations to family and my social work, that was not possible. You know somebody would not be at home at the time you would have gone,” Ince reasoned.

“I must say, though, we worked effectively, we did what we had to do, our campaign went according to plan and it’s now for the electorate to make an informed decision,” he added.

Rolerick Hinds, who is running on a DLP ticket for the first time, said that he was leaving his chances of victory at the polls in the hands of the Lord.

He was confident of taking away the St. Thomas seat from the Barbados Labour Party’s incumbent Cynthia Forde, based on what constituents had been telling him.

“My campaign has gone well. I was warmly received by all of the people, except for a few who assured me nothing I said would sway them,” Hinds reported.

He pointed out, too, that the young people were particularly open and engaging about the need for representation.

“The young are not playing those games. People are frustrated that they had a representative who did nothing,” suggested the DLP candidate and also said he did not get people throwing things at him.

“The only challenge I had was two guys driving around and taking down my posters. But posters are just two per cent of the campaign. I am not worried about them. I am overwhelmed by the response from the people generally and looking forward to a positive outcome,” asserted the St. Thomas candidate.

For St. Michael West Central candidate James Paul, he too was out in the constituency encouraging people to vote for him and then at his branch office where he was going through the logistics of tomorrow. (EJ)

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