The biggest loser

blpdwightandowenCADRES poll has dealt major blow to sinckler’s leadership aspirations, says Arthur

Chris Sinckler’s leadership aspirations have been dealt a major blow by the latest CADRES public opinion poll.

Saying it did not bother him that voters preferred Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to lead once it meant the Barbados Labour Party would still win Thursday’s general election, BLP leader Owen Arthur suggested the biggest loser in the survey was the Minister of Finance.

The economist said it was clear Dems supporters had now decided to “throw Chris Sinckler under the bus” because they were holding him responsible for failing to solve issues like the CLICO debacle.

“The poll is telling you that the political leadership career that Chris Sinckler has sought is over… We know one thing for sure that the ambitions for leadership of Chris Sinckler have come to an end and the Dems are going back home,” Arthur said last night during a BLP meeting in Redman’s Village.

“And this election now is to be decided by the independent-minded people who are not Bees or Dees and we now have to continue to give those persons who are not (Barbados) Labour Party people a continued justification for voting for us in this election.”

Arthur also urged the BLP family to “be cool” since the CADRES poll, while showing a surge by Stuart, was also saying that the BLP was still on course to win the election.

“Some of you would have seen the polls today and might have been a little concerned about it, but the poll itself is a worst case scenario that basically tells you that at the very worst the Barbados Labour Party will win at least 17 of the 30 seats in the next election. So that at the very worst this party will constitute the very next government of Barbados,” he said.

“The race is not over and you are not to be behave like Usain Bolt, (and) believe that you can put your hands in the air. We are up against a very vicious foe and the Democratic Labour Party will do anything in its power to try to win the Government.

“The (Barbados) Labour Party has to be aware that at some stage in this election the Dems will become Dems again and that all this poll is telling you this moment has arrived.

Arthur also told supporters they should not worry that the majority of DLP speeches during the current campaign were attacking him, since it was a sign of respect.

“It doesn’t bother me, that is my life. It is well with my soul,” he said.

“The Democratic Labour Party attacking me is absolutely a sign of respect. They are in a strange way to showing respect … as they believe that I stand between them and their victory.

The poll that says that I stand behind Mr. Freundel Stuart doesn’t bother me either and I wish that you would stop being bothered by it.

“Let them prefer Freundel but elect the Barbados Labour Party, I cool with that. So let not your heart be troubled. This has been the best campaign that the Barbados Labour Party has mounted in my 28 years of politics. It has been by far the best and we have dealt with a lot of stuff in this campaign.

“We have tried the Democratic Labour Party, we have dealt with the referendum and tell you they don’t deserve, on the basis of performance, to govern you.” (SC)

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