Plans to enhance tourism

dlpmanifestoladiesThe just-released manifesto of the ruling Democratic Labour Party has outlined a series of measures to enhance the competitiveness of the crucial tourism sector, including adding brand name hotels to the country’s offerings.

The document, which was officially launched tonight during a major political meeting in the car park of the National Cultural Foundation, West Terrace, St. James, has also raised the need to upgrade and refurbish existing hotel properties.

Under the theme of creating new horizons in tourism and international business, that pillar of the “social contract” also espoused the necessity to diversify the island’s source markets to include the leading emerging economies in India, China and Latin America.

To capitalise on the Bridgetown World Heritage designation and undertake investments in alternative energy to reduce high costs, are other proposals contained in the manifesto.

It noted too, that a new DLP Administration would enhance the competitiveness of the sector by establishing a Hotel Refurbishment, Energy Efficiency and Food Production Fund, within the National Insurance Scheme investment portfolio.

Should it get back the government, the Dems would immediately provide $40 million investment for the retrofitting of air conditioning and lighting systems in the hotel sector, as a means of reducing energy costs.

The manifesto promises, as well, the establishment of a Rapid Finance Mechanism for electricity generation from renewable energy across the sector with the intent of further cutting energy costs.

An increase in the rebate on land taxes for eligible entities, marketing of the Needham’s Point areas as the Green Mile and complete the construction of the Pierhead Marina to accommodate luxury yachts, are also outlined in the document.

Working with the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association to increase the number of Green Globe Certified hotels and implement an international marketing strategy promoting Barbados as a “green” destination, are among the other pledges of the DLP. (EJ)†

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  1. Freeagent February 16, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Barbados should have examined the Latin American and the South American tourism markets long ago. The US and European markets are slow so we should explore other markets. We tend to put all of our eggs in one basket.


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