New law commission coming

dlpmanifestogirlsWith concerns about law and order and the administration of justice among Barbadians, the island will get a new Law Reform Commission.

But this depends on a return of the current Democratic Labour Party government to office after next week’s general election. In its newly-released manifesto, the DLP has promised to established such a commission to be headed by a senoir attorney-at-law and including “a group of persons drawn from a wide range of professions”.

“The commission will be empowered to consider on its own initiative, or at the invitation of the Attorney General, areas of law that appear to be in need of reform,” the manifesto stated.

“The commission will then publish a report concerning any area of law that it considers to be in need of reform, along with its recommendations for reform.

“Those recommendations may thereafter be implemented through legislation in Parliament. The structuring of the commission will make it possible for it to canvas the wider views of the public so that a greater spirit of democratic participation may be brought to the legislative process.

“We are firmly of the view that the work of the commission will provide for a more effective functioning of the administrative process in our country. We commit to its implementation as a high priority,” the DLP stated.

The party said it favoured the commission’s establishment because based on present difficulties “it would be unsatisfactory to contemplate leaving the development of our justice system to Parliament and the courts”. (SC)

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